Rob Hubbard

Born in 1956. He is probably the most famous "chiptune"-composer ever. He made the game music to several video games during the 80's such as Delta, Commando and Populous.
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October 27, 2017
edited over 3 years ago
My personal top 3 tunes:

3. One Man & His Droid

I've never played the game! I know it from the Space Invaders minigame before Ghostbusters. Such memories...

"Just when you thought it was safe to make a cup of tea... it's... INVADE-A-LOAD!"

2. Sanxion

Absolute class, an 8-bit symphony. One of, if not THE best c64 tunes ever.

1. Monty On The Run

Epitomises everything amazing about Rob Hubbard. Insanely gifted as a musician & technically superb, he makes the SID chip sing at its very best.

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