Ben Daglish

Ben Daglish was born in 31 July 1966, in London.
Died of cancer in 1 October 2018.

Daglish moved to Sheffield as a small child, and grew up benefiting from both its peripatetic instrumental service and its cheap bus fares. He was the principal percussionist for the City Of Sheffield Youth Orchestra, and performed extensively as both percussionist and conductor before starting to compose music for computer games in the early 1980's. He moved on to compose and perform for a number of theater companies as MD/actor/musician in places as diverse as Belfast, Tuscany and Jerusalem. Ben currently plays various instruments with a number of different ensembles (most notably Loscoe State Opera), and lives with his two children in the Peak District. When he's not playing music, he works as part of Oxhut Consultancy, writing software and consulting for various clients such as the Arts Council and NEMA.
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