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Real Name:Richárd Moldován

He was born on March 22, 1974 in Hungary. In 1980, his family and he came to Sweden for vacation. They met a friend who spoke warm about Sweden. His father thought that they will have a better future in there and decided that family should stay. When he was seven, his father, a drummer back in Hungary, gave him first keyboard. He started with one key, then three, then chords and finally started writing his own songs.

At youth age Richi M was more interested in sport than in music. He did play tennis, lifted weights and did some gymnastics as well, however in the end, music won!

When he wrote his first songs, he showed them to his friends. They liked them very much. As a matter of fact they told Richi M to find a label, which he did and Fluid Records got interested. At that time he also met two guys Anders Eriksson and Fredrik Johansson from group EARTHBOUND. Richi M has been storming the Swedish dance, airplay and retail charts since his first single released back in 1997 called "Perfect World" written by him but produced by EARTHBOUND. This single reached #23 on the retail chart with airplay on all the major National radio stations.

Both Richi M and EARTHBOUND followed ANTILOOP tread. Richi M refers his style to POP-GOA. When he was young he was much into RAVE and discovered how much the modern dance music has given to him. He doesn't want the GOA to be reached only by the blue, red and yellow haired kids, but also to people who listen to artists like E-TYPE. He is trying to mix nice POP synths with GOA to make it easier to listen to, but at the same time wants to do it in a mystical way.

His second single "One Life To Live" was one of the 25 most played songs on Swedish radio when it was released and was the second highest new entry on the retail chart at # 15 (reached # 14 in Finland). It peaked at #9 on the Dance chart. The single has been a favourite at London's house and epic house clubs, as well. as the renowned club Cream in Liverpool and has received airplay on the London radlo station KISS FM and on Graham Gold's BBC radio show. "One Life To Live" was remixed by Johan S, who also, did the remix of Beastie Boys' "Hold It Now Hit It". The track was one of the most played at the club "Manu Nlission" (at the Ku Discoteque) in Ibiza. Johan S has also remixed Richi M third single "Wake Me Up" which reached Top 20 on the retail chart.

His first album Perfect World was released in July of 1998 and peaked at #14. Richi M's fourth single "12th Planet" taken from this album was released in Autumn of 1998. The video for this single was among "The Most Played Non-Playlist Videos" on MTV Nordic for several weeks.

Richi M was nominated for a 1998 Grammy Award in Sweden for his much awaited album Perfect World in the category "Modern Dance".

Richi M has evolved. more into epic house and Ibiza. He also works as a DJ, as which he plays more progressive, house and trance. He has played. both in Sweden and England. Currenty he is not only an artist, writer and DJ but also became a sought producer and remixer. His current work is the remix he done for another Scandinavian Artist Van

Richi M currently lives in the second largest city in Sweden: Göteborg (Gothenburg). He likes "AIKIDO", a Japanese self-defense sport where kicks and hits are not allowed. His taste of music falls more into soft and relaxing sound. No wonder why he likes artists like Mike Oldfield, Yanni, Enigma or Enya. When time permits Richi M watches Discovery Channel, new programs and movies. He is particulary interested in documentaries related to UFO. (actual as 2001) , , ,
Aliases:Richárd Moldován
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