French electronic pop band from Versailles (Yvelines, West suburb of Paris) formed in 1997.

Thomas Croquet (aka Thomas Mars, vocals), Frederic Moulin (aka Deck D'Arcy, bass), and Christian Mazzalai (guitars) were the original trio who would become known as Phoenix. Mazzalai's older brother Laurent Mazzalai (aka Laurent Brancowitz aka Branco) joined the trio when his band broke up in 1995 (see Darlin'), and two years later they called themselves Phoenix. At this point they were still making rock music without the synth-rock sounds, and released a single on their own label Ghettoblaster. Shortly there-after, they were signed to the Paris-based Source. While there, they got aquainted with label-mates AIR, and were the backing band for a number of TV appearances. From this connection, Phoenix created their first French house track in 1999, "Heatwave." This was the precursor to their debut album, "United". From this, they appeared on a number of compilations, but went on a creative hiatus until 2004. , Facebook , Instagram , Soundcloud , Tumblr , X , YouTube , Wikipedia
Members:Christian Mazzalai, Frederic Moulin, Laurent Mazzalai, Thomas Croquet
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