Samy Y Sandra Sandoval

Samy Y Sandra Sandoval

The brothers Samy and Sandra Sandoval are a musical duo of Panama as part of a range of Panamanian artists specialized in traditional music of the country. They perform típico, a form of traditional Panamanian music and Panamanian-style cumbia. They have been praised as Patrones de la Cumbia ("masters of cumbia"), and are very popular in Panama.

Some of their successful songs include "Brindemos por lo nuestro" ("Toast to Ourselves"), "La mujer superficial" ("Superficial Woman"), "Oiga el viejo pá jodé," and "Lo que no da se deja" ("What is ungiving ought to be abandoned"). In 1994, at the Encuentro de Acordeones ("Meeting of Accordions") festival they became popular with the song "La gallina fina" ("The Fine Hen"), which they also performed on the soundtrack for the 2001 movie The Tailor of Panama.

They have sold more than 30,000 records, and have had a platinum album. They have recorded a duet with Gilberto Santa Rosa, who considered them some of the best performers of tipíca.

One of their main concepts was " Evolucion",recorded on CD or DVD . They have also published a book entitled "Samy and Sandra history. " They have given concerts in the United States, Dominican Republic, Belgium, the Netherlands, among others, and came to perform a function in front of Prince Rainier of Monaco before his death.


Samy Y Sandra Sandoval Discography


SSS-3 Samy Y Sandra Sandoval Embarrate De Hombre(CD, Album) Ritmo Montañero SSS-3 Panama 1997 Sell This Version
SSS 7 Samy Y Sandra Sandoval Tan Nuestros Como El Canal(CD) SSS Records SSS 7 Mexico 1999 Sell This Version
SSS 8 Samy Y Sandra Sandoval Echando Pa' Lante!!(CD, Album) SSS Records SSS 8 Panama 2000 Sell This Version
SSS 9 Samy Y Sandra Sandoval Raíces(CD, Album) SSS Records SSS 9 Panama 2000 Sell This Version
SSS 10 Samy Y Sandra Sandoval Mi Norte Y Sur(CD, Album) SSS Records SSS 10 Panama 2001 Sell This Version
SSS 15 Samy Y Sandra* Con Cara De Ángel(CD, Album) SSS Records SSS 15 Panama 2005 Sell This Version
SSS 16 Samy Y Sandra Sandoval Ahora Soy Libre(CD, Album) SSS Records SSS 16 Panama 2006 Sell This Version
SSS 17 Samy Y Sandra Sandoval Historias En Nueva York(CD, Album) SSS Records SSS 17 Panama 2008 Sell This Version
SSS 18 Samy Y Sandra Sandoval Sobrevivientes(CD, Album) SSS Records SSS 18 Panama 2009 Sell This Version
SSS 19 Samy Y Sandra Sandoval Noches Con... Samy y Sandra Sandoval(CD, Album, Dig) SSS Records SSS 19 Panama 2011 Sell This Version
SSS 20 Samy Y Sandra Sandoval Evolución 2(2xCD, Album) SSS Records SSS 20 Panama 2013 Sell This Version
SSS 21 Samy Y Sandra Sandoval La Vida Es Un Circo(CD, Album) SSS Records SSS 21 Panama 2015 Sell This Version
SSS 23 Samy Y Sandra Sandoval ¡Como Gozo!(CD, Album) SSS Records SSS 23 Panama 2016 Sell This Version


SSS 8 Samy Y Sandra Sandoval Grandes Éxitos Volumen I(2xCD, Comp) SSS Records SSS 8 Panama 2000 Sell This Version


SSS 20 Samy Y Sandra Sandoval Evolución 2(DVD-V, Album) SSS Records SSS 20 Panama 2013 Sell This Version