Probspot as reviewed by icekile

December 4, 2007
Probspot has a knack for taking a track and giving it a new life with such energetic and melodic feeling that the original track itself is thrown backwards in the shadow. Probspot also does Absolutely amazing production with his own alias of Rico Soarez, of which the tracks can make you want to replay them again and again countlessly. His Probspot productions are one of the most sought out at the moment for most of the famous radio shows on the air. Probspot is definitely someone to look out for on the current and coming years.

Probspot realfan

August 7, 2014
I am so saddened to read this. Probspot was one of my favourite, and still is. Unfortunately as we see, he quit prodiucing. At least i haven't heard of him in ages. So sad. :(