Mott The Hoople


British rock band, active from 1969 until 1974, with occasional reunions from 2009 onwards.

Classic Era Members:
Ian Hunter - Vocals And Guitar
Mick Ralphs - Guitar
Verden Allen - Keyboards
Peter "Overend" Watts - Bass
Dale "Buffin" Griffin - Drums

Two follow-on bands after Ian Hunter left in 1974:
1974–1976 (Mott (3))
1977–1980 (British Lions)

Use Mott (3) only for releases without Hunter, dating from the 1974-76 period.

An unofficial or "fake" band also (re-)recorded MTH tracks around 1996/7. For these releases, please use Mott The Hoople (2). , Facebook , Instagram , X , Wikipedia , Imdb
Members:Dale Griffin, Derek Weaver, Ian Hunter, Ian Patterson (7), Luther Grosvenor, Mick Bolton (2), Mick Ralphs, Mick Ronson, Morgan Fisher, Nigel Benjamin, Overend Watts, Ray Majors, Steve Hyams, Verden Allen
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