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Artman aka DJ K.U.D.O. arguably is one of the true charismatic, key member of the Japanese techno tribe and originator in Japan whose influence on the electronic music club scene in Tokyo is infinite from the late 80's when the scene was still in its infancy. Artman, build the genesis of Japanese trance techno scene under the name of DJ K.U.D.O. at Cave "trance night" and "A.R.T.","Zero" at Yellow. He has been DJing professionally for 30 years and also has a career as a producer releasing his original cutting edge music from labels such as East Edge, TDK Records, F-Communications (Fr), Chillscape, Kin Sound Recordings,Solstice Music to name but a few. As quoted in a magazine, "In 2000, he released an ambient album "RE:SORT" breaking a long silence with this top seller while creating a buzz in many music forums."

His parties that he has held in the early 90s at Space Lab Yellow called Zero and at Cave, were stuff of legend which single-handedly influenced many Japanese DJs from all genres who spin now. As one of the first DJs in Japan to play techno, his DJ style now can not be categorized into one genre since he plays as Artman, a totally freestyle set and his other alias, DJ K.U.D.O., a rockin' dance set. Artman also plays a chilled, ambient set that soothes the stressed souls of urban life. Mixmaster Morris, who has come to Japan many times over the years quoted, "upstairs, a super chill-out with fine projections and top-quality sounds from Tokyo ambient megastars like Kay Nakayama and Artman, better known as DJ K.U.D.O. but who's now shifted way beyond hard techno. ......"

DJ K.U.D.O. (which stands for K.U.D.O.'s Unlimited Dance Organization) states that one of primary reasons why he became DJ K.U.D.O. is that he read an intriguing medical report from a doctor of medicine. This doctor stated, " In modern society, in an urban environment where there is a lot of stress, it is better to listen to intense music such as rock music to release the tension of stress rather than healing music." He states that he used to play disco and house music but when he read that report, he shifted to playing techno which started in Europe. After that, the Japanese techno scene developed favorable in which culminated in 1998~99, when at the Rainbow 2000 festival, there was over 10,000 people gathering. He then found that his intended role was finished, so he decided to start again as Artman.

Having experienced the environments/ ambient music scene started in the late1970s of Brian Eno, Tangerine Dream, Klaus Schulze, etc., in 1995, DJ K.U.D.O. decided to play music which was the complete contrast to hard techno, ambient music with a more contemporary approach by utilizing the new sounds of electronica, abstract, break-beats, ambient and play it in a more freestyle kind of way. This is the start of his new Artman alias which means art core + free spirits.

For the Hotoka Festival last year, Artman has been quoted as, "His freestyle DJ sets are well known for residing in another spacial dimension. Under the great sky, ARTMAN's music will dissolve into the wind getting into your skin expanding imagination to no end enveloping the site, painting it's own grand picture." Others say, "Artman is a free style DJ, whom mixes various kinds of genres. Respected by many electronic artists around the world, he is also known as "The DJ Kudo in Asia". As a dance music DJ in the past, not only does he have an extraordinary mixing technique but also knows who to express the beauty from his inner-self. Electronica music is very popular these days, but there is no one like him who can control the tiny bits of atoms from each melody."

Currently, he is found playing in all sorts of outdoor events in Japan such as Solstice, Tokyo Drome, to name a few to rave applause and appreciation every time. Catch the true originator of Japan, Artman aka DJ K.U.D.O. who can rock, sooth, surprise, eclipse with his true original style of musical adventure!
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DJ Kudo - DJ K.U.D.O. album art DJ K.U.D.O.* DJ K.U.D.O. (MiniAlbum) East Edge Records, East Edge Records Japan 1993 Sell This Version
F 051 DJ Kudo - Tiny Loop album art DJ K.U.D.O.* Tiny Loop(12", EP) F Communications F 051 France 1996 Sell This Version

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