Real Name:
Jan Gieseke
~ YangWelle aka Jan Gieseke, has learnt to play various instruments since the age of six. 1990 publication of first experimental sound collages under the name of Noise Inc. 1992/93 vocational training in Berlin for the profession sound engineer. Since 1991 various publications and compositions of film- and multimedia music under the name of YangWelle. Since 1994 cooperating with a well known computer company, best service (ProSamples Series) and in particular with the tone smithery "ueberschall" as sound designer and noise collector, publication of a pile of sampling CDs and soundlibraries.
* Yangwelle currently lives and works in Berlin as soundartist and teacher of sounddesign.
* YangWelle dissects music and sound events which are part of the environment in our daily life, adds virtually created sounds to them and constructs from the combination new, organic entities. Everything is music or - music can accrue from everything. Waves and oscillations are transformed from the micro to the macro level, they transport their energy and they cannot be grasped.

Yangwelle Discography Tracks


nkr 019 Yangwelle Berliner Zeiten(Cass, C60) n.UR-Kult Releases nkr 019 Germany 1995 Sell This Version
nkr 038 Yangwelle - Kinderüberlebenskampf album art Yangwelle Kinderüberlebenskampf(Cass, C60) n.UR-Kult Releases nkr 038 Germany 1996 Sell This Version
nkr 066 Yangwelle - No Talk Live album art Yangwelle & Xabec Yangwelle & Xabec - No Talk Live(CDr) n.UR-Kult Releases nkr 066 Germany 2000 Sell This Version


nkr 077 Yangwelle - 日本 2007 (Nihon 2007) album art Yangwelle 日本 2007 (Nihon 2007)(DVDr) n.UR-Kult Releases nkr 077 Germany 2007 Sell This Version