Christian Bruhn

Real Name:Hans Christian Bruhn

German composer and music producer, born 17 October 1934 in Wentorf near Hamburg, Germany. Composed many chart successes for German artists and took part as a songwriter and conductor in the Eurovision Song Contest on two occasions (1962 with Conny Froboeß, 1970 with Katja Ebstein). Chief of the German music collecting society GEMA from 1991 to 2009. President of CISAC (umbrella organisation of copyright societies). He is the father of Johannes Bruhn and was married to Charlotte Marian, Katja Ebstein (1972-1976) and Erika Bruhn (1976-2001). , Wikipedia , Imdb
Aliases:Billy Seifensieder, Charly Cotton, Christian Heilig (2), Christoph (43), Johnny Almang, Kris Morgan, Ramon Matiz, Teddy Todd, Walther Wohlgemut, Wolfgang Weinzierl
In Groups:Carlos Futura, Charly Cotton Und Seine Band, Charly Cotton Und Seine Twist-Makers, Chris Brown Band, Chris Bruhn And His Jack-Pops, Cliff King Und Sein Orchester, Gesangsverein "Harmonie", LOGO 2000, Orchester Christian Bruhn, Orchester Teddy Todd, Schein & Heilig
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