Simona Buja

She was keyboardist, composer and the first female vocalist of the Italian band Darkwave, Industrial, Neo-Classical, EBM, Synth-pop and Italo-Disco called Kirlian Camera. His period of stay in the band was between 1980 and 1988, with some departures from the band within that period. She participated in the Demo called Dawn in 1980 [vocal in tracks News (Embryo), Myths and For A Different Moment. All tracks of Demo album was released in Kirlian Camera compilation called Uno in 2002], Mini Album called Kirlian Camera in 1981 (vocal, keyboard), the album "It Doesn't Matter, Now" in 1983 (vocals on a live in 1982 and vocal arrangements on the tracks Communicate and Edges), on the single Edges in 1984 (vocal, different version of 1983 "It Doesn't Matter, Now" album, single Blue Room (vocal, back-vocal, songwriting), single Ocean (vocal, back-vocal), single Helden Platz (vocal). In 1985 she recorded a track called Silence that was not released by Kirlian Camera. This track was released in 1991 by the band East Wall, led by former Kirlian Camera member Fabrizio Chiari. The vocal was credited as Lorenza Larini in place of Simona Buja. When this album was relaunched 3 times in a row in 2017, it was credited with its own name on the vocals of the track "Silence". Due to the fact that the band Kirlian Camera is still on contract with Italian Records, she had the singles Passing Masks and Still Close released in her own name in 1981. Detail: on the cover of this single is written: "Simona Buja from Kirlian Camera". She left the band for no reason disclosed in 1988, before the album Eclipse. After that, unfortunately there is no news about Simona Buja. On the website El Garaje De Frank, Angelo Bergamini, founder of Kirlian Camera, said she was a champion incomparable in creating obstacles, referring to the difficulty in recording the second Eclipse album with all the changes in its formation (members).
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Q.M. 001 Simona Buja - Passing Masks / Still Close album art Simona Buja Passing Masks / Still Close Quadrangolo Mirabile Records Q.M. 001 Italy 1981 Sell This Version