Dusk To Dawn

Real Name:Dusk to Dawn

Dusk to Dawn were formed on 27 November 1991 in Grevenbroich, near Düsseldorf, Germany. Initially described as “gothic rock with electronic impact”, the line-up was Jörg Erren (bass, synths), Andreas Kleinwächter (guitar) and Achim Zolke (vocals, synths). The German band released two mini-albums on tape and were participating on compilations as well as playing live concerts.

After relying on their older material for some years, the three founding members found themselves in the studio in 2011 and recorded new material. This led to the first new single "Sole Survivor", some YouTube, CD compilation and magazine contribution tracks like "Homecoming", "Exit" and "Traces" and, eventually, to a record deal with German indie label "Echozone" resulting in the album release "Transition" (2018).

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Members:Achim Zolke, Andreas Kleinwächter, Jörg Erren


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