Knife Party

Knife Party is an Australian Electro House/Dubstep duo founded by two members of Pendulum: Rob Swire and Gareth McGrillen.

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January 5, 2017
edited 10 months ago
Uhm. I really hate this modern EDM, House, Dubstep music. Knife Party pretty much stands for music for the greater mass.
Cant stand it. Some decent tracks like Centipede but beside of that totally not my taste. Pendulum all the way.
Their album was even worse. Astonishes me how a guy with a lot of talent (Pendulum) wastes it for Knife Party...
Guess its only about fame, money and mainstream audience for some. Sad.


January 10, 2014
don't see any wax releases for them here, but ik i've seen some in record stores... strange...


December 2, 2012
I can't stand Knife Party. It is just noise to me. It is still music, just not good music. I wish Rob and Gareth were back in Pendulum and not screwing around and making experimental drivel.


September 17, 2012
edited over 6 years ago
"Knife Party" is an exciting, relatively new pairing which consists of the late Pendulum's Rob Swire and Gareth McGrillen.

As controversial as this new wave of Hard Electro / New Dubstep (Whatever the fuck you want to call it) seems to be, Knife Party comfortably sit well into the upper end of the genre's quality spectrum. If you like melodic climaxes / drops and more musical tracks, then you may not find Knife Party's style to your tastes, which seems to be very much evident in the large number of pissed off, pitchfork wielding Pendulum followers.

Knife Party's productions focus on heavy, hard beats / drops along with loads of different colours of distorted synths - not limited to well designed FM noises, meticulously modulated and shaped bass timbres and thick, clean synth leads, as well as many other elements including orchestral instruments. Aside from that, the exceedingly impressive releases so far have yet again proven Rob Swire's exceptional abilities as a music producer / sound engineer. Every track is approached from a totally different angle, and is also meticulously detailed to a high standard. The great challenge of any Dance music producer is to approach each production in a different manner, it's easy to use templates, it's a skill to pull off variety properly.

If you don't like their music then there's plenty more material Rob Swire has produced which is a contrasting leap to the more melodic side.

I really enjoyed Pendulum throughout their existence but i find I'm enjoying Knife Party even more. Can't wait to hear their 3rd EP.

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