Hola Ghost

Hola Ghost

Real Name:Peter Sandorff

After his last US-tour with Danish psychobilly band NEKROMANTIX in 2004 guitar player Peter Sandorff was hanging out in Los Angeles having beers with his friend, graphic artist GRIS GRIMLY. They decided that Gris should make a movie about cannibals and Peter should write the music. Peter immediately called his old friend Jeppe B. Jessen who also used to be the bass player in their postrock band SCHWARZWALD LIBRARY in the 90’s.

They agreed to do the film-music together and in order to get composing rolling right away, they started looking for a drummer. Passing by a pawnshop in Long Beach next day, Peter saw a Roland TR 606 drum machine in the window. He had heard that it was a good and cheap choice, so he went inside to ask about the price. The owner who was an old Mexican guy told Peter that he had a very special drum machine and pulled down an old dusty Roland 707. “I won this one in a poker game in Mexico a while ago,” he said. “Price is going up on Ebay as vintage item these days, but this one you can have for 20 bucks if you take it with you right now!” “Deal!” Peter replied and next day he was on a plane to Denmark carrying his first drum machine.

Well home in Copenhagen Peter hooked up with Jeppe and the 707 in the rehearsal room, where the soundtrack for the movie soon began to take shape. But as the composing came along, they felt a strange urge to write regular songs, inspired by the sound of the drum machines artificial drums. Soon it was as if the drum machine wanted to perform live, and by now the band did actually have enough songs for a short live set. A band was beginning to grow out of what was originally meant to be only a get-together for composing the soundtrack for a horror movie!- And when Peter and Jeppe found themselves programming a drum solo for the 707 they spoke out what they had both long been thinking: This drum machine has soul!!! - in the same moment the name HOLA GHOST came to the band.

Since then they have been playing shows around Copenhagen and the band and especially “Ghost 707” as the drum machine is now called, has been gaining a constantly growing group of followers. While becoming an important part of the band, Ghost 707 together with Jeppe and Peter has developed a growing interest in Mexican music and flamenco with, and they have been working these influences into their music together with the punk, psychobilly, rock’n roll and everything else they brought along from the past. This results in something that does not sound like any particular genre, but with room to embrace whatever musical influences they feel like and the will to ROCK! They name it: “PSYCHOTIC FLAMENCORE AND MORE…”

After finishing the score for Gris Grimly’s movie “Cannibal Flesh Riot”, Hola Ghost will perform selected compositions from the soundtrack at the movies opening nights in the “Silent Movie Theatre” in Hollywood on the 15th and 16th November 2006 and then support the Australian psychobilly band ZOMBIE GHOST TRAIN on the SoCal part of their US-tour. Next year the “Cannibal Flesh Riot” DVD, the soundtrack with a graphic version of the movie drawn by Gris Grimly and a full length album is planned to come out. - All with the living dead drummer “Ghost 707” keeping up the beat!


Cannibal Flesh Riot (2008)
The Man They Couldn’t Hang (2009)
Christmassacrebleu (2010): co-christmassingle w/ Vulture Club
Members:Jeppe B. Jessen, Kristian Sandorff, Peter Sandorff


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