Modus Delicti

Death metal/grindcore band from Milan, Italy.

MODUS DELICTI was born in June 2005 from the mortal spoils of NOBODY, but the story of the combo began the year before...
In October '04, alone but determined to carry on the NOBODY project (after the arrest of the 2 guitarists and the banishing of the drummer) Clod the Ripper, together with a new guitarist and drummer, quickly starts to compose new material.
The band decided to change its name after many problems caused by the arrest of the previous two guitarists accused to be part of a Satanic sect called "Bestie di Satana". They're in prison for the murder of some young guys from '98 to '04 with six otherones.
With the new monicker MODUS DELICTI they also changed the concept; now they talk about serial-killers and psychological disorder.
Since '06 the band changed lots of members, except for the founder Clod the Ripper and had lots of break due to Clod's main bands, but however they release 3 split cds, 1 mcd and one full!
Modus Delicti first full lenght "Nobody" was released the 28 of June '11 via Comatose music and officially presented at Las Vegas deathfest III during the US tour.
After 4 years the serial-grinders come back with a new line-up and a new EP titled "How to Kill" on 25th March 2015!!!

Clod the Ripper - drums
Adrian Bundy - vocals
Markus Nirsch - bass, back. vocals
Max Čikatilo - guitars


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