Gasolin' is one of the most (if not the most) successful and legendary rock bands in Danish rock history. The name is a contraction of gasoline, since the band wanted to make exciting rock music like the idioms to get "charged up" or "fired up".

Formed 1969 by Kim Larsen, Franz Beckerlee and Wili Jønsson. Shortly after, Bjørn Uglebjerg joined. He was replaced by Søren Berlev in 1971. Their first single, "Silky Sally", was in English, and did not become a hit - but their self-titled Danish debut album however became a modest success. Gasolin' had their prime time from 1972 to 1978, and released eight studio albums and two live albums in that period, plus two English versions of their 3rd and 5th studio albums. The band became renowned in Scandinavia during these years, especially among the Danish youth that could relate to the lyrics.

Their major league commercial breakthrough came with the album "Gas 5" in 1975, and their 1976 "Live Sådan" album is listed on the official Danish national cultural treasure list, "Kulturkanonen". The same year, Gasolin' failed to break through in the USA, after releasing an English version of the record "Gas 5". This and internal conflicts were the main reason for their split-up in 1978. Keyboardist Klaus Agerschou often appeared with the band in concert.

Singer Kim Larsen simultaneously with Gasolin' played with his sidekicks Sylvester's Jukebox and Starfuckers (2), and released a solo album in 1973. Post-Gasolin' he has had a solo career just as successful as that of Gasolin'. Franz Beckerlee, who was a jazz saxophonist in the '60s, e.g. with The Contemporary Jazz Quartet, released one solo album post-Gasolin' but also worked with writing and painting. Berlev and Jønsson have played with various rock bands.

The Gasolin' legacy in Denmark cannot be overestimated. The band has been portrayed in documentaries, their music has been performed as musicals several times (a.o. by Dr. Dante,
Femten Gasolin' Sange) and in tribute albums by other artists (Gasolin' Tribute - Fi-Fi Dong). Several cover bands perform their music; Magtens Korridorer-lead singer Johan Olsen used to sing in one. In 2015, an all-female band playing their music named themselves Gasoline (13).

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Members:Bjørn Uglebjerg, Franz Beckerlee, Kim Larsen, Søren Berlev, Wili Jønsson
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