Real Name:
Paul-Alexander Jarvis
DJ - Producer - Live Electronics
Deep UK Garage - 160 Si Fi / Roots Jungle
Hailing From North London. Residing in Berlin since 2008.
The Mokujin Project Was Established In March 2012


Mokujin Discography Tracks

Mokujin, Lil Fewcha Mokujin, Lil Fewcha - Urban Opus (EP) Endless Plains Records UK 2012
BLAQ077 Mokujin Pictures At An Exhibition(3xFile, WAV, EP) Blaq Records BLAQ077 Mexico 2012
BLAQ069 Mokujin Wild Flower(7xFile, WAV, EP) Blaq Records BLAQ069 Mexico 2012
BLAQ075 Mokujin Question(4xFile, WAV, EP) Blaq Records BLAQ075 Mexico 2012
BN022 Mokujin, Tiny URL Mokujin, Tiny URL - Rinsed Out Part 3(4xFile, WAV, EP) Blaq Records BN022 Germany 2013
BN018 Mokujin Rinsed Out Part 1(4xFile, WAV, EP) Blaq Records BN018 Mexico 2013
BLAQ079 Mokujin Dark Plume Remixes (8xFile, WAV, EP) Blaq Records BLAQ079 Mexico 2013
L2S096 Mokujin Confessions (4xFile, WAV, EP) L2S Recordings L2S096 UK 2013
MSR202 Mokujin, Tiny URL Mokujin, Tiny URL - In Rain(4xFile, MP3, EP) Midnight Side MSR202 Italy 2013
BN019 Mokujin Rinsed Out Vol 2(5xFile, WAV, EP) Blaq Records BN019 Mexico 2013
BLAQ081 Mokujin, Lil Fewcha Mokujin, Lil Fewcha - Art Is Not Dead(5xFile, WAV, EP) Blaq Records BLAQ081 Mexico 2013
BLAQ083 Mokujin Question Revisited(7xFile, WAV, EP) Blaq Records BLAQ083 Mexico 2013
FGX004 Mokujin Majestic (4xFile, MP3, EP, 320) Future Grooves (2) FGX004 UK 2013
BN030 Mokujin Rinsed Out Vol 4(5xFile, WAV, EP) Blaq Records BN030 Germany 2014
MTP045 Mokujin, Tommi Bass Mokujin, Tommi Bass - Drama(2xFile, WAV, EP) Multipraktik Recordings MTP045 Serbia 2014
DREDEP06 Mokujin I Dream Electric(4xFile, WAV, EP) Dred Collective DREDEP06 UK 2014
L2S117 Mokujin Ruff Diamond(3xFile, WAV, EP) L2S Recordings L2S117 UK 2014
MTP044 Tommi Bass, Mokujin Tommi Bass, Mokujin - Roots (2xFile, WAV, EP) Multipraktik Recordings MTP044 Serbia 2014
BN031 Mokujin Rinsed Out Vol 5(4xFile, WAV, EP) Blaq Records BN031 Germany 2014
L2S108 Mokujin One Two (3xFile, WAV, EP) L2S Recordings L2S108 UK 2014
BN029 Mokujin Movin' Air(4xFile, WAV, EP) Blaq Records BN029 Germany 2014
MTP043 Mokujin, Tommi Bass, Skaramanga Mokujin, Tommi Bass, Skaramanga - The Real(2xFile, WAV, EP) Multipraktik Recordings MTP043 Serbia 2014
BN026 Mokujin Luv Hertz(4xFile, WAV, EP) Blaq Records BN026 Germany 2014
L2S113 Mokujin Can U (3xFile, WAV, EP) L2S Recordings L2S113 UK 2014
BLAQNET027 Mokujin Snap Snare(4xFile, WAV, EP) Blaq Records BLAQNET027 Germany 2014