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Stefan Busker
A distinctive feeling of diversity and underground vitality, Dutch DJ and producer N-Vitral (Stefan Busker) is a name closely linked to The Third Movement. Ever since his first release Stefan Busker has been developing his sound to the next degree. His earlier releases contain a unique and hypnotizing sound, while his EPs (‘Klusterfuk’, ‘Bonck’), from 2007 and 2008, have pushed the energy bar beyond limits. From industrial experiments to a battery of shattering kicks and high-tech distorted rhythms.

In 2002 a young and talented producer surprised the scene with his debut-release 'XS36'. Things got pretty hectic after that; a debut performance at Mystery Land, several high acclaimed releases at The Third Movement label and an increasing demand for his sound at underground raves around the globe.

Influenced by Converter and Autechre, Stefan Busker developed a fresh sound in his own music. Dark atmosphere and a mid-tempo to the point of soundscaping were some of the key ingredients which set his tracks apart from the rest. There is only one N-Vitral and his music proves this, the tracks have an original feel but the titles themselves become a language of their own. N-Vitral’s music has received astounding positive feedback from various DJ's and producers from all over the world.

When Stefan decided he wanted music production to be a career, his sound started to evolve. When he released his album "Louder than a Bomb" in 2016, his breakthrough was a fact. He was dubbed the founder of 'maindustrial', which can be described as industrial hardcore with a mainstream twist. The following years his style kept evolving, away from The Third Movement, and more towards a more mainstream style (of which he was one of the leading producers). In the year 2020, he left The Third Movement and moved to Masters of Hardcore, a label considered one of the biggest and most popular in the world.
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T3RDM0154CD N-Vitral - I Audioassault U album art N-Vitral I Audioassault U (Album) The Third Movement T3RDM0154CD Netherlands 2010 Sell This Version
T3RDM0260 N-Vitral - Louder Than A Bomb album art N-Vitral Louder Than A Bomb (Album) The Third Movement T3RDM0260 Netherlands 2016 Sell This Version
T3RDM0307 N-Vitral - Mainstream Mutilators album art N-Vitral Presents BOMBSQUAD (8) N-Vitral Presents BOMBSQUAD (8) - Mainstream Mutilators(13xFile, MP3, Album, 320) The Third Movement T3RDM0307 Netherlands 2018

Singles & EPs

T3RDM-00017 N-Vitral - XS36_ album art N-Vitral XS36_ The Third Movement T3RDM-00017 Netherlands 2002 Sell This Version
T3RDM 0046 N-Vitral - Smocgh album art N-Vitral Smocgh The Third Movement T3RDM 0046 Netherlands 2003 Sell This Version
T3RDM 0070 N-Vitral - Decadence album art N-Vitral Decadence The Third Movement T3RDM 0070 Netherlands 2005 Sell This Version
T3RDM 0124 N-Vitral - Klusterfuk album art N-Vitral Klusterfuk The Third Movement T3RDM 0124 Netherlands 2007 Sell This Version
T3RDM0137 N-Vitral - Bonck album art N-Vitral Bonck The Third Movement T3RDM0137 Netherlands 2008 Sell This Version
T3RDM 0189D N-Vitral - Kling Klong album art N-Vitral Kling Klong The Third Movement T3RDM 0189D Netherlands 2012 Sell This Version
PRSPCTXTRM013 N-Vitral - Time To Meet The Devil / Perfect Machines album art N-Vitral & Deathmachine N-Vitral & Deathmachine - Time To Meet The Devil / Perfect Machines PRSPCT XTRM PRSPCTXTRM013 Netherlands 2014 Sell This Version
T3RDM0220 N-Vitral - The Sicko Cell EP album art N-Vitral The Sicko Cell EP(3xFile, MP3, EP, 320) The Third Movement T3RDM0220 Netherlands 2014
GEN175-013 N-Vitral - Bloed, Zweet & Snaren album art The Outside Agency & N-Vitral The Outside Agency & N-Vitral - Bloed, Zweet & Snaren Genosha One Seven Five GEN175-013 Netherlands 2015 Sell This Version
T3RDM0247 N-Vitral - Crispy Bassdrum EP album art N-Vitral Crispy Bassdrum EP(2xFile, MP3, EP, 320) The Third Movement T3RDM0247 Netherlands 2015
T3RDM0268 N-Vitral - LTAB Remix EP Part 1 album art N-Vitral LTAB Remix EP Part 1(4xFile, MP3, EP, 320) The Third Movement T3RDM0268 Netherlands 2016

DJ Mixes

SFPodcast20 N-Vitral - Signal Flow Podcast 20 album art N-Vitral Signal Flow Podcast 20(File, MP3, Mixed, 192) Signal Flow SFPodcast20 US 2010
CLDM2018011 N-Vitral - Dominator - The Hardcore Festival - Wrath Of Warlords album art Neophyte* & N-Vitral Neophyte* & N-Vitral - Dominator - The Hardcore Festival - Wrath Of Warlords(2xCD, Mixed) Cloud 9 Dance CLDM2018011 Netherlands 2018 Sell This Version
B2SCD021 N-Vitral - Decibel Outdoor album art Wildstylez, N-Vitral & D-Sturb Wildstylez, N-Vitral & D-Sturb - Decibel Outdoor(3xCD, Mixed) B2S Records, Be Yourself Music B2SCD021 Netherlands 2019 Sell This Version


T3RDM0154AB N-Vitral - QB album art N-Vitral QB(3xFile, MP3, 320) The Third Movement T3RDM0154AB Netherlands 2010
T3RDM 0208 N-Vitral - The Difference Machine album art N-Vitral The Difference Machine(4xFile, MP3, 320) The Third Movement T3RDM 0208 Netherlands 2013
T3RDM 0225 N-Vitral - Collaborations Part 1 album art N-Vitral Collaborations Part 1(2xFile, MP3, 320) The Third Movement T3RDM 0225 Netherlands 2014
T3RDM0240, T3RDM 0240 N-Vitral - Collaborations Part 2 album art N-Vitral Collaborations Part 2(2xFile, MP3, 320) The Third Movement, The Third Movement T3RDM0240, T3RDM 0240 Netherlands 2015
EOL011 N-Vitral - Fuck The Drum Machine album art Warface & N-Vitral Warface & N-Vitral - Fuck The Drum Machine(File, MP3, 320) End of Line EOL011 Netherlands 2015
T3RDM0256 N-Vitral - The Ultimate Statement (Hardshock Festival 2016 Anthem) album art N-Vitral The Ultimate Statement (Hardshock Festival 2016 Anthem)(File, MP3, 320) The Third Movement T3RDM0256 Netherlands 2016
NEO167 N-Vitral - Manifesto album art Nosferatu & N-Vitral Nosferatu & N-Vitral - Manifesto Neophyte Records NEO167 Netherlands 2017
none N-Vitral - Noise Pumper (Meccano Twins Remix) album art N-Vitral, Sei2ure N-Vitral, Sei2ure - Noise Pumper (Meccano Twins Remix)(File, MP3, 320) Not On Label (Meccano Twins Self-released) none Italy 2017

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March 30, 2012
In my opinion, N-Vitral is one of the most underrated producers in the (industrial) hardcore scene. Every track he has ever made sounds different but stays close to the typical N-Vitral style. No matter if it's strange breakcore ("This Soap Stings Your Eyes", "Clinkflutter"), technoid hardcore ("Telladge", "Grindt", "Fregat"), super gloomy hardcore ("Domination", "XS36"), normal hardcore ("Ghettocore", "The End Of The World") or experimental IDM-ish tracks from his IAU album. The guy built up such a broad variety of releases, all within only hardcore, always experimenting with new styles, trying to sound fresh and original and still keep his own voice within the scene!! Big big respects!!


August 7, 2011
From the darker earlier releases to the slightly more accessible releases of recent there is a lot of power behind all the tracks stefan makes and tonnes of drive, unfortunately hes not that well know and has recently started showing up on many events lists ( Club R_aw / Ground Zero / The Qontinent / Dominator ), his live sets are a true Gem ! if your fortunate enough to be there go and see ! great looping skills ( LIVE ) and some awesome audio experiments thrown in to see how people react.

His Recent album "I Audioassault U" was met with mixed reviews but its vary varied from odd glitchy and atmospheric tracks like "Slapface Cutie & I Bleed Squares & Pulses" to smashers like "Shocque & Panik Motherfucker" and not to mention the QB E.P that just blew people away with the title track & Rebeldisko !

Not Easily Accessible but if you have the time to listen its sonic abuse at its finest !



March 23, 2011
well the dark earlier release were amazing, starting with the very industrial stylisch xs36, then got a little bit more accesible but still very good with smoogh and decadence. with klusterfuk and bonck he lost his originality and creativity more and more, bonck is just 4 tracks of monotone bassdrums without too much effort. starting with bonck he seemed to aim at becoming the next peaky pounder. :-( back to your dark roots please...

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