Laura Carbone


Berlin-based singer/musician, born 24 September 1986 in Sinsheim, Germany.

The former frontwoman of German electro-punk outfit Deine Jugend, Laura Carbone's solo career combines '90s influences like the Riot Grrrl movement, the Breeders, and PJ Harvey with the '80s drama of acts such as Chris Isaak and Sisters of Mercy.
After Deine Jugend ended, Carbone continued working on music with former bandmember Tim Bonassis (also of the metal groups Pyogenesis and Liquido).
Her debut EP, Stigmatized, arrived in 2013.
To fund her first full-length album, Carbone partnered with PledgeMusic; Sirens was released in Europe at the end of 2015 and in the U.S. early the following year. , Facebook , Instagram , X , Bandcamp , Soundcloud , YouTube
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