The The dcrawley

May 20, 2020
Anyone hear anything about a Dusk reissue on vinyl? I love that album and would love to have it on vinyl.

The The kaseryn

April 20, 2020
For all those asking about PoD and rarities, our prayers have been answered!


The The guttee929

October 20, 2018
Anyone know if the early rarities CD is genuine release or bootleg as its not shown on here. Thanks

The The JamieC

April 1, 2019
Definitely a bootleg for sure. It's a great assembly of early work though!

The The rebelrebelzs

November 2, 2018
edited over 2 years ago
Defniitely a bootleg - gathers together some early material not easily obtainable elsewhere

The The Andrew_Lawson

September 30, 2018
Has anyone been able to locate a copy of "The Pornography of Despair"?

The The Viking_Scars

October 1, 2018
I was only able to find it on youtube... Sorry

The The Viking_Scars

September 29, 2018
Most underrated band in the World and also my favorite band. Discovered them with the Soul Mining album and I still listen all of their stuff decades later.

The The ian.bunnyman

September 23, 2017
As most bands seem content to throw a box set together that just features a remaster of an album recorded in perfect conditions with a "bonus" live disc SURELY the world needs a The The box with unreleased albums/unrealised projects / b-sides etc. Or failing that a brand new album?

The The rorymc99

May 31, 2017
One of the best artists of all time. Only problem is that some of MJ's best work is unreleased or really hard to find/unavailable on CD. Spirits, Pornography of Despair and all those early b-sides. Amongst DVDs/Blu-ray of Infected and Versus the World, it would be amazing to see those unreleased gems out finally. For now we'll just have to live with the fantastic tracks we have already!

The The PauloTex

May 25, 2017
One of my favorits bands Ever! "Bluer than midnight": save me, save me!!!!! (Dusk) :-)

The The notec

April 8, 2016
without a doubt one of the worst bands ever - what with the name and of course the so called muzac....

The The Crijevo

March 15, 2020
I try not to reply to comments like these but I have to say - you poor sod, you.

The The thegreatelephant

April 23, 2019
this is coming from a right wing Trump twat no doubt

The The D.JKruliq

January 22, 2018
What makes you such an opinionated critic? A lot of your 'bad music' artist picks are amusing and make no sense. Is there anything positive you can possibly post?!

The The AngelRivers

April 14, 2017
notec - haha, Even if it was true I am not sure your lifetime achievements would match those of Johnson. If I am wrong please direct us to your discography,

The The marcelomadrid1

March 29, 2017
Ahem, is that a Styx album I see before me. Haha.

The The nosongstomorrow

March 12, 2017
Honestly? How is it you arrive at this? Amusing your analysis. You are saying that Styx is better than The The? Ha ha.


The The Richandrews

October 13, 2016
Let me guess , you like Britney Spears and your favourite Colour is pink.

The The fox

April 22, 2016
And now for a comment of equal interest: One of my top 10 artist in the world ever with one of the smartest name. Shivers all the way listening.

The The as reviewed by Reacher

August 27, 2015
Namaska The The

The The JF13

October 15, 2014
Outstanding Band