Crop Circles

The joint project of Etnica/Pleiadians and their fellow Italians Lotus Omega.
The project started one afternoon when Maurizio and Carlo were producing Vimana together with Lunar Civilization and the name comes from a magazine that Maurizio was reading at the time. Then came Different Species, made by Filippo, Carlo & Maurizio. The tracks were then sent to Max that at the time was in Bali DJing and needed some new music to play.

All the music they released was composed during the summer of 1996 in the studio they set up in Milano with all the machines from Etnica and Lotus Omega. For Full Mental Jackpot 10 mixes were made in one afternoon, but only a few versions made it to the public release. Some of the composed material was lost through the years because of a hard-drive crash and DAT tapes being lost or stolen.

The debut album was finished and was being called Tetrahedron, expected to be released in 1998 on Auracle Recordings. Unfortunately the label went bankrupt before it could be realized.
The album was finally released 10 years after in late 2008 on DAT Records.

The project has been launched again since the summer of 2015, after their live set at "ZNA Gathering" in Portugal, currently consisting of three members, Max, Maurizio and Filippo.



none Crop Circles - Tetrahedron album art Crop Circles Tetrahedron (Album) DAT Records none UK 1998 Sell This Version

Singles & EPs

AURAEP003 Crop Circles - Lunar Civilization album art Crop Circles Lunar Civilization (EP) Auracle Recordings AURAEP003 UK 1997 Sell This Version
AURA EP 001 Crop Circles - Full Mental Jackpot E.P. album art Crop Circles Full Mental Jackpot E.P. (EP) Auracle Recordings AURA EP 001 UK 1996 Sell This Version


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November 30, 2007
Crop Circles, a relatively short lived old school goa trance collaboration between two great italian projects, Enica and Lotus Omega, are today considered one of the most sought after, mysterious and magnificent examples of the entire old school frenzy. Their tracks, a clash of skilfuly crafted and vivid melodies, courtesy of Etnica, and out of this world intensity and (back in the day) unmatchable psychedelia brought by Lotus Omega, the six member project produced some of the best, most representative tracks this genre ever had. Their first EP came out in 1996, and the track "Full Mental Jackpot" was an instant classic, surpassed only by its sister remix, courtesy of the Etnica side-project, the Pleiadians. That was far from the end, though, as "Lunar Civilization", another favorite of theirs, hit the scene like a hydrogen bomb, sweeping literary everybody off their feet and preparing grounds for a full lenghth debut album release. Unfortunately, the label Crop Circles were associated with went bankrupt, and their album never saw the light of day...
Today, we have two properly distributed 12" released by this great collective, a third, albeit very limited release of the quintissential "Lunar Civilization EP" via CD Maxi, and no more than half a dozen bona fide goa trance classics. The way things are, it is doubtful whether or not will their album ever get the proper release and attention it deserves, but if you heard either one of their two classic EPs, then you konw what kind of a ride are you in for.
To sum it all up, despite the scarsity of their production opus, Crop Circles remain one of the greatest, most influentuial bands in the history of trance music. Period!

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