Real Name:Olga Maria De Souza

Italian Eurodance act. Produced by Francesco Bontempi AKA Lee Marrow from 1993 to 2000, and by Francesco Conte and Paolo Dughero from 2000 to now.
Also Giorgio Spagna and Ivana Spagna worked in this project.
The first success of Corona was the song "The Rhythm Of The Night" in 1993/94.. It is now known that Giovanna Bersola aka Jenny B. was the vocalist for this track and that Olga Maria De Souza was lipsyncing the words on stage and in the video.
All the other singles of Corona, up to 1998, were sung by Sandra Chambers AKA Sandy.
The song "Baby Baby" was a cover of "Babe Babe" originally performed by Joy & Joyce in 1991, and itself based on the chorus of "K.I.S.S.I.N.G" performed by Siedah Garrett in 1988.
The single "Try Me Out" had already been released in 1995 by Lee Marrow featuring Charme AKA Annerley Gordon.
The song "I Don't Wanna Be A Star" was heavily based on the song "Can't Fake The Feeling" originally performed by Geraldine Hunt in 1980.
Recent singles of Corona credits Olga Maria De Souza as vocalist and author, but that may be untrue again.
"The Rhythm Of The Night" was based on the verses of "Save Me" performed by Say When! in 1987. , , Facebook , Instagram , X , Wikipedia , YouTube
Members:Francesco Bontempi, Francesco Conte, Giovanna Bersola, Olga Maria De Souza, Paolo Dughero, Sandra Chambers, Thomas Rückert
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