Shadowlands Terrorists

Shadowlands Terrorists

DJ Tango a.k.a. Roger Houben
DJ Cash a.k.a. Jhon Peeters
DJ Brutal J a.k.a. Joost Smeets
VE: Roland J a.k.a. Roland Joosten

Roland Joosten is the founder of the Shadowlands DJ Team in February 1995 with the members Vince, Tango & Cash. Vince, Tango & Cash improved their skills very fast and played at all Shadowlands Events. This corporation turned out to be very successful. Roland wanted a real Live Act which would perform on every Shadowlands and also support the Shadowlands feeling on other Events. That made Roland decide on 12th of September 1995 to start with the Shadowlands Terrorists. On 18th of November 1995 they had their first big Gig at the Terrorrave in Beek en Donk featuring DJ Vince & MC OP8. Though it was a success Roland was not satisfied and started to work. MC OP8 left the group, DJ Tango, MC Opiate and MC Syco became the new extra members of the Shadowlands Terrorists. Their first performance in this new formation was at Raveworld 1996 at the Thialf Stadium. An act dark and mysterious with freaky costumes, lots of fire works and beautiful Playmates.
In 1996 the boys take off, Roland decide to bring some new members into the group, The Shadowraver, Wen-D-Crash and J.D.A. In this episode of the Shadowlands Terorrists the major classic hit Shadowlands Anthem was born.
After several live acts on different stages in Holland the group decided to take a rest.
In may 1997 DJ Tango, J.D.A. and MC Opiate choose their own path.

Roland asked MC Madness and DJ Zany to join the group and with the new music, created by Vince and Zany, it was party kicking time !!! This episode in their history was the most beautiful and craziest one. With performances at all the Shadowlands Raves this brings them the invitation for the biggest Rave in Europe, ENERGY 1997. They dropped bombs on Zurich like never anyone did before and stole the Hearts of a lot of people. After this moment it went crazy !!! Performances at mostly every Rave in Switzerland, gigs in Holland, Italy, Spain, Germany, Belgium followed and this didn’t stop. Shadowlands Terrorists were there to stay forever and still they are !

2010 was the beginning of whole new episode for The Shadowlands Terrorists. Roland Joosten decided to restyle the group totally. Tango & Cash, Brutal J and Roland J are the new members of the ShadowlandsTerrorists and they played their first gig, 6th of November@ Shadowlands in Cinema Kiev (UA).
In February 2011 the Shadowlands Terrortist will start a totally new project called "Foreign Infiltration". A new Album will be released with totally new tracks on Shadowlands Records.

Shadowlands Terrorists Discography


Shadowlands Terrorists Standing Strong (Album) Shadowlands Records Netherlands 1997 Sell This Version

Singles & EPs

SLAN 001 Shadowlands Terrorists Shadowlands Rave E.P. (Invasion Of The World Volume 1)(12", EP) Shadowlands Records SLAN 001 Netherlands 1997 Sell This Version
SLAN 006 Shadowlands Terrorists Eindhoven De Gekste(12") Shadowlands Records SLAN 006 Netherlands 1998 Sell This Version
MOH 030 Shadowlandz Terroristz* Still Standing Strong!(12") Masters Of Hardcore MOH 030 Netherlands 2003 Sell This Version


NL-FL7-08-00123 Shadowlands Terrorists Shadowlands Anthem(File, MP3, 320) Masters Of Hardcore NL-FL7-08-00123 Netherlands 2009
NL-FL7-09-00072 Shadowlands Terrorists Still Standing Strong(File, MP3, 320) Masters Of Hardcore NL-FL7-09-00072 Netherlands 2009
NL-FL7-10-00052 Shadowlands Terrorists Shadowlands Anthem (Zany & Vince's Zoveelste Remix)(File, MP3, 320) Masters Of Hardcore NL-FL7-10-00052 Netherlands 2010