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Sarah (Chen Shu Hua - 陳淑樺 ) was born on May 14, 1958 in Taiwan, although I have been told that 1959 might be the correct year. She was hailed as a 'genius child star' at the age of 8, winning first prize in the Broadcasting Ballad Competition. By 1967, she was recording singles for Angel Records, releasing her debut album in 1973 with Seamount Records. Several of Sarah's recordings are included on the Campus Folk 8 volume set. Her music won her many accolades during the 1970s, 80s and 90s ... touching the hearts of many people in a unique way. There is a maturity and depth in her music that sets her apart from most.
Her disappearance from public life in 1998 remains somewhat of a mystery, although the death of her mother affected her very deeply. Life can be very complex, and particularly for those in the public eye. It often amazes me how musicians and actors keep going as long as they do. There is much more to life than being on stage, as Greta Garbo and others have shown. Having started so young, retiring at 40 is maybe not so strange. Listening to Sarah is a very special experience, and one soon realises that she is much more than a singer and musician ...
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Sarah Chen Discography Tracks


SSK-002 Sarah Chen - 乾杯吧!恰恰/台北今夜還下著雨 album art 陳淑樺*, 邱武弘 陳淑樺*, 邱武弘 - 乾杯吧!恰恰/台北今夜還下著雨(LP, Album) 七星唱片 SSK-002 Taiwan 1970 Sell This Version
FSR-002 Sarah Chen - 浪跡天涯 album art Sarah Chen 浪跡天涯(LP) 四海國際 FSR-002 Taiwan 1985 Sell This Version
Sarah Chen - 一生守候 album art 陳淑樺* 一生守候 (Album) Rock Records & Tapes Taiwan 1990 Sell This Version
CH-46004 Sarah Chen - Green Snake 青蛇 (Original Soundtrack) album art James Wong, Sarah Chen, Winnie Hsin* James Wong, Sarah Chen, Winnie Hsin* - Green Snake 青蛇 (Original Soundtrack)(CD, Album) Rock Records & Tapes CH-46004 Hong Kong 1993 Sell This Version
RD-1339 Sarah Chen - 生生世世 album art 陳淑樺* 生生世世(CD, Album) Rock Records & Tapes RD-1339 Taiwan 1995 Sell This Version
RD-1325 Sarah Chen - 淑樺盛開 Forever album art 陳淑樺* 淑樺盛開 Forever(CD, S/Edition, Dig) Rock Records & Tapes RD-1325 Taiwan 1995 Sell This Version
HS-007 Sarah Chen - 夕陽伴我歸 album art Sarah Chen 夕陽伴我歸(LP) Hai Shan Records Co., Ltd. HS-007 Taiwan 2003 Sell This Version
Sarah Chen - 夕陽伴我歸 album art 陳淑樺* 夕陽伴我歸 (Album) Coden Music Publishing Co. Ltd Taiwan 2002 Sell This Version
LS-7199 Sarah Chen - 她的名字是愛 album art 陳淑樺* 她的名字是愛(CD, Album, Ltd, RE, Car) Haishan Records LS-7199 Taiwan 2017 Sell This Version
RLP0012 Sarah Chen - 跟你說 聽你說 album art 陳淑樺* 跟你說 聽你說(LP) Rock Records (Taiwan) Co. Ltd. RLP0012 Taiwan Unknown Sell This Version


RD1235 Sarah Chen - 愛的進行式 album art 陳淑樺* 愛的進行式(CD, Comp) Rock Records & Tapes RD1235 Taiwan 1994 Sell This Version
RD1669-4A Sarah Chen - 給淑樺的一封信 album art 陳淑樺* 給淑樺的一封信(2xCD, Comp, Sli) Rock Records & Tapes RD1669-4A Taiwan 2003 Sell This Version

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