Attila Csihar

Real Name:Attila Gábor Csihar

Attila Csihar (born March 29th, 1971) is a Hungarian vocalist, best known for his work with the Norwegian black metal band Mayhem.

His career started with the Hungarian metal band Tormentor, who reached cult status in black metal circles even without major label releases. In 1992, following the death of Mayhem vocalist Dead, Attila was invited to perform vocals on that band's upcoming De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas recording. The album became one of the quintessential albums of the genre.

After Mayhem, Attila worked with various experimental projects, such as Plasma Pool, Aborym, Korog and Keep of Kalessin. In 2004, he began a long association with the American drone/doom band Sunn O))), appearing on several albums and performing live with the band. He also left Aborym to rejoin Mayhem in 2004.

Sites:Facebook , Instagram , Wikipedia
Aliases:Paprikajancsiharcsa Drattula, Void Ov Voices
In Groups:Aborym, Burial Chamber Trio, Gravetemple, Hiedelem, Keep Of Kalessin, Korog, Mayhem, Pentemple, Plasma Pool, Professor Fate, Sinsaenum, Tormentor (2), YcosaHateRon
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