Police & Thieves (2)

As their previous bands were coming to an end in the fall of 2005, Police & Thieves was formed as an idea by a few close friends to start a band that embraced the hardcore punk scene that they all grew up in. They were inspired by the the spirit of community and social consciousness that bands such as Fugazi, Embrace, Swiz and Rites of Spring drew from in their hometown of Washington, D.C.
Police & Thieves logged time on the road, all over the United States, playing up and down the east coast, Northern California, the Pacific Northwest and Canada. In their hometown, many of their shows were benefits for various social justice organizations such as We Are Family, Positive Force, local Womens shelters and the Northwest Youth Alliance.
During their existence they released a demo, a tape, several 7"s and a 12" on Youngblood records as well as Higher Conscious records. They played their last DC show at the Rocketship on Saturday, September 8, 2012 with Hysterics, Last Words, Over & Out & Shit Stains. review of the show: http://bit.ly/29TSlkj
Some of their members went on to play in other bands such as Praise, Mindset, Barge, Give, Protester, Line of Sight and Doubt Crusades.


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