Boney M.

Producer Frank Farian created Boney M. as a studio project in 1975. On the first output, "Baby Do You Wanna Bump", Farian performed all vocals himself. Soon, however, TV stations started to demand 'Boney M.' to perform the track on TV shows, which made Farian form an actual group. After some initial changes, Frank Farian arrived at the lineup with which the group had their biggest successes: Maizie Williams, Marcia Barrett, Bobby Farrell and Liz Mitchell. The group's major break came in 1978 with "Rivers Of Babylon", the second highest selling single of all time in the UK. Boney M. enjoyed over a dozen hit singles throughout Europe between 1976 and 1981. After Farrell was replaced by Reggie Tsiboe, Boney M. had two more hits in 1984.

Frank Farian announced the end of Boney M. in 1986, but the group has continued in some form or other ever since. No new material has been released, except for a couple of singles and the odd new track on compilations. Numerous "best of" compilations and remix albums have been released. All members continue performing with their own Boney M. formations even today, except for Tsiboe – and Farrell, who passed away in late 2010.


Boney M. Discography Tracks


Boney M. Take The Heat Off Me (Album) Hansa International New Zealand 1976 Sell This Version
Boney M. Love For Sale (Album) Hansa International UK 1977 Sell This Version
Boney M. Nightflight To Venus (Album) Hansa International Germany 1978 Sell This Version
Boney M. Oceans Of Fantasy (Album) Hansa, Hansa Germany 1979 Sell This Version
Boney M. Christmas Album (Album, Comp) Hansa, Hansa International, Hansa, Hansa International Canada 1981 Sell This Version
Boney M. Boonoonoonoos (Album) Hansa, Hansa International Nigeria 1981 Sell This Version
Boney M. 10.000 Lightyears (Album, Single) Hansa, Hansa Turkey 1984 Sell This Version
Boney M. Eye Dance (Album) Hansa Spain 1985 Sell This Version
Boney M. Feat. Liz Mitchell And Various Boney M. Feat. Liz Mitchell And Various - World Music For Christmas (Album, Comp) Sony Music, MCI Europe 2017 Sell This Version

Singles & EPs

Boney M. Baby, Do You Wanna Bump (Single) Hansa Turkey 1975 Sell This Version
Boney M. Daddy Cool / No Women No Cry (Single) Hansa International, Hansa Kenya 1976 Sell This Version
Boney M. Sunny (Single, EP) Hansa International Netherlands 1976 Sell This Version
Ld A 7939 Ramona Wulf / Boney M* Ramona Wulf / Boney M* - Save The Last Dance For Me / Daddy Cool(7", Jukebox) Durium, Durium Marche Estere Ld A 7939 Italy 1976 Sell This Version
Ld A 7935 Boney M. / Antonello D'Angelo Boney M. / Antonello D'Angelo - Baby Do You Wanna Bump / Rocky(7", Jukebox) Durium Ld A 7935 Italy 1976 Sell This Version
Boney M. Ma Baker / A Woman Can Change A Man (Single) RCA Victor Mexico 1977 Sell This Version
Boney M. Ma Baker / Still I'm Sad (Single) Hansa International UK 1977 Sell This Version
Boney M. Belfast / Plantation Boy (Single) Hansa International, Hansa Zimbabwe 1977 Sell This Version
Boney M. No Woman No Cry (Single) Durium Marche Estere Ecuador 1977 Sell This Version
Bonny M.* Fever Tonpress Poland 1977 Sell This Version
Ld A 7961 Boney M. / Kiss Boney M. / Kiss - No Woman No Cry / Hard Luck Woman(7", Jukebox) Durium Ld A 7961 Italy 1977 Sell This Version
Ld A 7973 Black Blood (2) / Boney M. Black Blood (2) / Boney M. - Amanda / Sunny(7", Jukebox) Durium Ld A 7973 Italy 1977 Sell This Version
IM-10147 Money B* Sunny / Daddy Cool(7", Single) Imavox IM-10147 Portugal 1977 Sell This Version
Ld A 7983 Boney M. / Cristine Rena'* Boney M. / Cristine Rena'* - Ma Baker / Liberi(7", Jukebox) Durium Ld A 7983 Italy 1977 Sell This Version
Ld A 7991 B & C Limited / Boney M. B & C Limited / Boney M. - How Wonderful To Know (Anema E Core) / Belfast (7", Jukebox) Durium Ld A 7991 Italy 1977 Sell This Version
Boney M* Brown Girl In The Ring (Single) Pepita Canada 1978 Sell This Version

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June 15, 2013
Must not forget that Boney M. had some killer basslines. Listen and understand.


February 5, 2011
I would like to add that the first Picture Disc in Colombia was a release for Boney M. "Oceans of fantasy" by Discos Tropical on the Swing label (Hansa license). Discos Tropical out of Barranquilla, Colombia were always on the edge of innovation on international danceable music for the local market. Tony42


February 5, 2011
Boney M. is another group that I had the opportunity to promote and get Boney M. known in Colombia on their first four albums. They got gold and platinum in our territory. Sylvia K at Hansa did the deal with me. It was super from the start with "Daddy Cool". Later "Ma Baker" et al. Tony42


December 24, 2010
Boney M's sound featured male/female harmony vocals, a stomping disco beat, swooping strings, funky guitar and hook-filled melodies that are still fondly remembered by millions of fans worldwide.

They are absolutely one of the best disco bands ever! I found my way into music by listening to their hits like "rasputin", "daddy cool" and "gotta go home".

If you say disco you know Boney M is involved!


August 3, 2010
Disco music was a good thing occasionally ('I Feel Love' is way beyond the ultimate disco hit and the ultimate club hit EVER!) but partially I do understand all the nonsense in the public, condemning and blaming disco either for its guilty pleasures or some ridiculous 'fact' things went wrong at one point in music business. I guess, that 'fact' was some hits were more annoying than the others.

Personally, I never liked Boney M (didn't care much for ABBA either). Not that their hits weren't a deserved success ('Sunny' and 'Still I'm Sad' are great examples of a pop standard), but most of "their" hit-music sounded like a stencil from a factory line (already carved in most of the songs' easy rhyme titles - like 'Daddy Cool' and 'Bahama Mama'), whose primary aspect was mercilessly selling a branded product instead of one's true personality. Remember their spicy cover art for 'Love For Sale?' Somehow, if not directly, that sleeve perfectly illustrates show business slavery, not pleasures - and despite whatever irony or humour put into it, it still is a tasteless reminder of human/slave trade (today popularly called 'trafficking').

Not that any side complained - the singers who were not singers, their calculating production and management team and finally, the audience - everyone was in it for some sweet bite at the end.

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