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The Xenakis Ensemble (Ensemble Xenakis in French) is a Dutch ensemble dedicated to the performance of contemporary classical music. Based in Middelburg, it is known as one of the few ensembles specializing in the works of the composer Iannis Xenakis. It is frequently conducted by Diego Masson, who conducted the performances of many of Xenakis's works, as well as other guest conductors including Huub Kerstens. Its concertmaster is Mifune Tsuji.

The group was founded in 1980, at the initiative of the foundation Nieuwe MUZIEK Zeeland of Middelburg and the pianist Geoffrey Douglas Madge, with the approval of the composer Iannis Xenakis. Its repertoire includes over 40 compositions by Xenakis, some of which, such as "À l'île de Gorée" (1986), were written for the group. The ensemble also performs recent works by Luca Francesconi, Morton Feldman, Willem Breuker, Jin Hi Kim, Huib Emmer, and Bunita Marcus.

Members:Ernest Rombout, Erwin Eestermans, Fokke van Heel, Geoffrey Douglas Madge, Gerard Bouwhuis, Guillermo Zarzo, Machiko Takahashi, Mark Dijcks, Mifune Tsuji, Paul Hendriks, Peter van Dinther, Ria Kleinjan, Rohan de Saram, Stefanie Liedtke, Stephan Meier, Susan Bierre, Tadashi Tanaka (2), Tatiana Koleva, Thom de Ligt, Willie Verdievel
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