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The Swedish pop sisters Lili & Sussie had a big break in 1987 with the hit "Oh Mama" which made it to number 1 on the Swedish charts and was followed by singles such as "What's The Colour Of Love", "Boyfriend" and "Okey, Okey!". Their 1988 album "Anytime" was their biggest selling and peaked at #8 on the Swedish album chart supported by singles "We Were Only Dancing" and the power ballad "Robert and Marie".

They changed the spelling of their names in 1990 to Lili & Susie. They released their last album "No Sugar Added" in 1992.
They tried to make a comeback in 1996, but released only 2 singles that didn't do well. , Facebook ,
Aliases:Ixi Qaxi
Members:Lili Päivärinta, Susie Päivärinta
In Groups:Peace On Earth (2)
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