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Real Name:Vlad Munteanu

Romanian hip hop artist DOC got started as a rapper in the mid-1990s in Bucharest, as a founding member of C.T.C., a local independent hip-hop group, who would make their name as promising novices in Romanian rap music by the end of the decade. Together with bandmates Deliric1 and Nwanda, Munteanu was involved in managing Facem Records, a local independent hip hop record label, founded in 1999 by C.T.C. co-founder Vlad Dobrescu and DJ Paul (8). The group steadily built its fame amongst Romanian underground hip-hop enthusiasts, managing to release their debut album in 2005, following a string of failed attempts at recording for various record labels, such as Urban Records (3). While C.T.C. never officially entered hiatus, Munteanu, similarly to his bandmates, embarked on a lengthy and successful solo career following the release of their debut effort. Initially performing as El-Doctor, he shortened his stage name first to L-Doc and ultimately settled on DOC for his Romanian releases.

Aliases:Dr. Liric, L doc, Skilltester Stabbone, Vlad Munteanu
In Groups:Armada (6), C.T.C., E.L.I.T.A., Facem Records Crew
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