Ivan Smagghe

Real Name:Ivan Smagghe

Ivan Smagghe (1971) is a French composer and producer who became a DJ almost by chance around 1992.

After studies at Institut d'études politiques de Paris, Smagghe worked briefly at Rough Trade shop in Paris and for Nova or Magic magazine. Then, he started DJing before co-founding Black Strobe in 1997 with Arnaud Rebotini.

Ivan Smagghe extended his activities to compositions for silent films and mixing compilations. , , Facebook , Instagram , , Soundcloud
Aliases:Floyd (2), IS Contractors, E8, Jean-Marc Misère
In Groups:Amor Fati (5), Amour, Acide, Black Strobe, Funderground, ICAR (3), It's A Fine Line, Kill The DJ, La Horse, More, RMVN, Smagghe & Cross, Volga Select, We Are What We Play
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