Damián Schwartz

Real Name:Damián Schwartz

Damian Schwartz is an electronic musician, DJ and performer based in Madrid, Spain.
He studied jazz, composition and bass, a cornerstone of his work and compositional approach.
Damian started as a Dj and producer during the early 2000's as part of the Net28 platform of labels and artists.
Initially heavily influenced by 90s techno, he moved on to a more house derived sound with a series of recordings that have been highly praised by press and artists alike.
His most recent productions are influenced by New York and Chicago House music, early electronic music composers like Raymond Scott, jazz music in general, and Detroit Electro and Techno pioneers such as Juan Atkins and James Stinson. , Facebook , Lastfm
Aliases:Epiphany (9), Sam The Mummy, Someone (2)
In Groups:Música Charlista
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