Carcass buttfreak

December 28, 2016
"i love carcass more then anything in the whole world" emily picklehead 1991

Carcass Casketkrusher

July 31, 2015
Probably the best band in the "Extreme Metal" scene!

Carcass xpmule

April 9, 2013
Carcass have confirmed their sixth album will be entitled ‘Surgical Steel’ and will be released later this year (2013)

Carcass versionfiv

April 30, 2013
the track titles and buzz i've read surrounding this album has me looking forward to it. crossing my fingers for necroticism pt2.

Carcass cypherism

January 11, 2012
They were on Red dwarf once, with Bill on drums, Jeff on bass and Lister from the show on vocals

Carcass davedee

March 26, 2015
Yea Smeg and the heads, played a tune called Omh, sounded like Napalm Death's style compared to anything Carcass was playing at the time, Reek of Putrifaction / symphony's of Sickness. But we're never credited in the cast of that Red Dwarf episode, (It's the episode with Thicky Holden and the stress sheet)