The Radio Dept.


Dream pop band, originally from Lund, Sweden.
The members of Radio Dept. have changed throughout the years and over the releases.
Johan Duncanson started the first version of the band in 1995 with schoolmate Elin Almered; however, Almered and Duncanson soon stopped playing music together, putting the band on hiatus. Ducanson revived the project in 1998 with Martin Larsson (later credited as Martin Carlberg) and since then they have been the core members. Other members have included Daniel Tjäder, Lisa Carlberg and Per Blomgren.
Duncanson and Carlberg went on a hiatus after their 2010 album, due to legal clashes with their longtime label Labrador and returned in 2016 with a new album Duncanson described as “We started off making a traditional guitar album in 2011 but decided it was too good for our label. So we decided instead to make something more like the Pet Shop Boys’ Introspective album.”.
The band parted with Labrador in 2017 and started its own imprint Just So!. , MySpace , , Facebook , Wikipedia , X , Instagram , Bandcamp , Discogs
Members:Daniel Tjäder, Elin Almered, Johan Duncanson, Lisa Carlberg, Martin Carlberg, Per Blomgren
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