Kulturkampf (2)

UK punk band active from 1982 to 1985.
Karl Gallear - Vocals
Paul Kirkwood (ex-Sub-Zeros) - Bass
Andy Clough (ex-Sub-Zeros/Societies Vultures) - Guitar
Mark Wroe (ex-Sub-Zeros) - Guitar, later vocals
Carl Wroe (ex-Sub-Zeros) - Drums
In 1982, The Sub-Zeros split into two different bands. One was Societies Vultures which only lasted until sometime in 1983. Their guitarist and vocalist Andy Burden moved to Sunderland and formed The Famous Imposters. The other band was Kulturkampf (meaning 'struggle for civilization') which consisted of brothers Mark and Carl Wroe, Paul Kirkwood and vocalist Karl Gallear.
Their first gig was at Barugh Green, a benefit gig for Barnsley CND supporting the Passion Killers. Karl left the band shortly before they recorded their first demo, 'The Struggle', at Barnsley's Street Life Studios in July 1983. Soon after, Andy Clough (formerly of The Sub-Zeros and Society's Vultures) joined as an additional guitarist.
In November 1983, Kulturkampf went into Lion Studios in Leeds to record their second demo, 'The Corpse of Bureaucracy', before splitting up. They played their last show at the Nottingham Narrowboat with The Famous Imposters and The Scum Dribblers.