Real Name:Colin Julius Bobb

Rapper from Brooklyn, New York

Originally appearing with Jungle Brothers's single "Troopin' On The Downlow" under the name of Torture in 1993. He was later heavily featured on the unreleased Jungle Brothers album Crazy Wisdom Masters in 1993 (produced by Bill Laswell) but this was shelved by Warner Bros due to being too "experimental." He later released his debut album Loaded With Power in 1997. Known for often lo-fi and unique style to rapping, he is also known for his often eclectic collaboration work. He has played with the likes of Cardopusher, Kid 606, Handsome Boy Modeling School, DJ Scotch Bonnet, Kouhei Matsunaga and Spectre.

Often quite prolific but known for brief spells of homelessness as archived in his documentary "The Rise and Fall and Rise Of Sensational", it is not known how much of Sensational's discography there actually is as he can be often found selling his music in the streets of New York.

Sites:Facebook , Bandcamp , Bandcamp , YouTube , MySpace
Aliases:Colin Julius Bobb, Torture
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