Don't Mess With Texas


Croatian post rock band, based in Zagreb. After the band Radio Free Isaac was disbanded (and prior to that the bands Nikad and Lunar), Neven, Ozren and Saša decided to form Don't Mess With Texas, their own brand of instrumental and epic rock, relying solely on guitar, drum and piano. After a while Ivana joined the band on bass, but left it after the recording of their debut self-titled album in mid 2004, when Slobich replaced her. In October 2007 DMWT released their second album, Los Dias De Junio, again for Moonlee Records. After disbanding, Neven, Saša and Slobich formed Storms in 2009. ,
Members:Ivana Vodanović, Neven Kamenski, Ozren Mlinarić, Saša Relić, Slobodan Alavanja
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