Alexander Search

A band inspired by Fernando Pessoa, a Portuguese poet who also wrote English poems under the pen name "Alexander Search". The song lyrics are taken from these poems and the music is a mix of rock, pop and electronic music.
The Lisbon-based group released its self-titled debut in 2017 and is formed by Júlio Resende (piano, synths and compositions), Salvador Sobral (vocals), André Nascimento (electronics and synths), Joel Silva (drums) and Daniel Neto (guitar). On stage, each of the band members takes on a persona inspired by one of Pessoa's many invented literary identities / pen names. In keeping with this a fictional biography for the band was created:

"Alexander Search is an English-speaking band originating from South Africa but currently based in Europe – more specifically, in Portugal, "a seaside garden paradise" in the words of the country's greatest poet, Fernando Pessoa. Their music is a mix of several influences: indie-pop, electronic music and rock. Most of the lyrics have been written by Alexander Search, a member of the band who tragically died at a young age – but who also managed to earn the respect of his peers as "the greatest conquerer of the beauty of words".
Augustus Search (Júlio Resende) is the band's composer, musical director, pianist and synthesizer player. Benjamin Cymbra (Salvador Sobral) is an extraordinary singer whose voice carries the spirit of rock'n'roll from the past, and the anxieties and hopes of the present. The future "is the possibility of everything", Pessoa also used to say.
Sgt. William Byng (André Nascimento) is in charge of live electronics and computers. Marvel K. (Daniel Neto) plays an edgy and spacey guitar. And Mr. Tagus (Joel Silva), a former jazz drummer, still finds the greatest riches in the music and groove of Africa.
Alexander Search is a daring and impatient band, always, always looking for quintessence. They have never found it."



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