Morty Craft

Real Name:Morton Irving Craft

American label owner, arranger, producer, and songwriter, (born 19 August 1920, Brockton, Massachusetts, died, 27 January 2022 at the age of 101) he moved to Florida at the age of 92
Morty Craft was a New York City based founder of many labels. In 1957, he started Lance Records, whose biggest success was the doo-wop hit “Alone (Why Must I Be)” by the Shepherd Sisters, which he co-wrote and produced. The song was later covered by Petula Clark. The same year, Craft moved to MGM Records as recording chief and director of single record sales.
His second label was Melba records, which he founded with Ray Maxwell, the founder of Moonglow (2). In 1959, Craft launched the short-lived Warwick Records
Morty worked with a young Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel, as well as Herbie Hancock, Bob Crewe, Connie Francis, Conway Twitty and dozens of other artists
Husband of Selma Craft with whom the Morton & Selma Craft credit should be used for songwriting collaborations.
Managed various labels and companies: Morty Craft Production, Craft Music (3), MC Productions (2), Selma Music, Inc., ... , ,
Aliases:E. Jackobeck
In Groups:Morton & Selma Craft, Morty Craft Orchestra
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