Red Zebra

Red Zebra


Belgian new wave/punk rock band, formed in 1978 by Peter Slabbynck, Geert Maertens (guitars) and Johan Isselee (drums). Originally the band was called The Bungalows but after some time they changed their name into Red Zebra.

In 1986 the band broke up, but the 3 original members got back together in 1990 and started to play under the Red Zebra banner again.

Currently (2017) the band's line-up is:

Peter Slabbynck - Vocals
Frits Standaert - Guitar
Chris Deneve - Guitar
Sam Claeys - Bass
Kurt De Waele - drums
Members:Bruno Melon, Chery Derycke, Chris De Neve, Dett Peyskens, Frits Standaert, Geert Maertens, Johan Isselée, Jurgen Surinx, Kurt De Waele, Peter Slabbynck, Pieter Vreede, Sam Claeys


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