Real Name:
Joe Studt
Hypnocoustics is the solo Psychedelic Trance project of London based artist Joe Studt. Originally formed in 2009 as a duo with Benjamin Wood, who left the project before 2015: track credits match facts.



LRCD016 Hypnocoustics - Into The Light album art Hypnocoustics Into The Light (Album) Liquid Records (2) LRCD016 UK 2013 Sell This Version
LRCD018 Hypnocoustics - Transformational Structures album art Hypnocoustics Transformational Structures (Album) Liquid Records (2) LRCD018 UK 2015 Sell This Version

Singles & EPs

Sun006 Hypnocoustics - Buddha Nature album art Hypnocoustics Buddha Nature (EP) BMSS Records Sun006 Germany 2011
Sun007 Hypnocoustics - Ashtamangala album art Hypnocoustics Ashtamangala (EP) BMSS Records Sun007 Germany 2012
FSR0030EP Hypnocoustics - Black Box album art Hypnocoustics Black Box (EP) Free-Spirit Records FSR0030EP UK 2012
LRD015 Hypnocoustics - Transformational Structures, Vol. I album art Hypnocoustics Transformational Structures, Vol. I(3xFile, WAV, EP) Liquid Records (2) LRD015 UK 2014
PREP051 Hypnocoustics - Enigma album art Spinal Fusion, Hypnocoustics Spinal Fusion, Hypnocoustics - Enigma(File, WAV, EP) Profound Records PREP051 India 2017
ZOMEP025 Hypnocoustics - Echosphere album art Hypnocoustics Echosphere(2xFile, FLAC, EP) Zer01 Music ZOMEP025 2017
FSR0066SG Hypnocoustics - Kinesiöoptic album art Hypnocoustics & Journey (2) Hypnocoustics & Journey (2) - Kinesiöoptic(File, MP3, Single, 320) Free-Spirit Records FSR0066SG UK 2017
DOPDIGI141 Hypnocoustics - Final Frontier album art Relativ, Hypnocoustics Relativ, Hypnocoustics - Final Frontier (Single) Digital Om Productions DOPDIGI141 India 2018
DOPDIGI123 Hypnocoustics - Little Teachers album art Hypnocoustics, M-Theory (2) Hypnocoustics, M-Theory (2) - Little Teachers(File, FLAC, Single) Digital Om Productions DOPDIGI123 India 2018


LRD018 Hypnocoustics - Transformational Structures, Vol. 2 album art Hypnocoustics Transformational Structures, Vol. 2(3xFile, WAV) Liquid Records (2) LRD018 UK 2015
NANODIGI142 Hypnocoustics - Low Rider album art Dickster, Hypnocoustics Dickster, Hypnocoustics - Low Rider(2xFile, FLAC) Nano Records NANODIGI142 UK 2017
INM1DIGI279 Hypnocoustics - All Living Beings album art Hypnocoustics & Hujaboy Hypnocoustics & Hujaboy - All Living Beings(File, FLAC) Iono Music INM1DIGI279 UK 2017
SACTEC030 Hypnocoustics - Earthshine album art Outsiders (16) & Hypnocoustics Outsiders (16) & Hypnocoustics - Earthshine(File, FLAC) Sacred Technology SACTEC030 Israel 2017
DOPDIGI099 Hypnocoustics - Planes Of Consciousness album art Zephirus Kane*, Pogo (2), Hypnocoustics Zephirus Kane*, Pogo (2), Hypnocoustics - Planes Of Consciousness(File, MP3, 320) Digital Om Productions DOPDIGI099 India 2017
INM1DIGI309 Hypnocoustics - Remixes album art Hypnocoustics Remixes(2xFile, MP3, 320) Iono Music INM1DIGI309 Germany 2018
DOPDIGI153 Hypnocoustics - Human Experience album art Mystic (31), Freak Control, Hypnocoustics Mystic (31), Freak Control, Hypnocoustics - Human Experience(File, MP3, 320) Digital Om Productions DOPDIGI153 India 2018
NANODIGI150 Hypnocoustics - Shiva Valley album art Pogo (2), Hypnocoustics Pogo (2), Hypnocoustics - Shiva Valley(File, MP3, 320) Nano Records NANODIGI150 UK 2018
NANODIGI187 Hypnocoustics - Music Is The Heart album art Mandala (24), Hypnocoustics Mandala (24), Hypnocoustics - Music Is The Heart Nano Records NANODIGI187 UK 2019
SACTEC078 Hypnocoustics - Psycho Logistics album art Space Tribe, Hypnocoustics Space Tribe, Hypnocoustics - Psycho Logistics(File, WAV) Sacred Technology SACTEC078 Israel 2019
NANODIGI238 Hypnocoustics - Spore To The Floor album art Mandala (24), Hypnocoustics Mandala (24), Hypnocoustics - Spore To The Floor Nano Records NANODIGI238 UK 2020