Dakota Suite


Dakota Suite is a slowcore/modern classical/ambient/folk project from Leeds, England, UK. Formed in 1996 by Chris Hooson (guitar, vocals), Keith Shotton (drums), Andrew Thrower (bass) and Guy Cave (spoken word).

Dakota Suite experienced some lineup changes, since 2002 became mostly a trio of Chris Hooson, Colin Dunkley and David Buxton, and since 2012 became a duo of Chris Hooson and David Buxton.

Dakota Suite also records with Quentin Sirjacq

Current line-up:
Chris Hooson - vocals, guitar, acoustic guitar, piano (1996-)
David Buxton - bass, guitar, pedal steel guitar, piano, clarinet, percussion, sampler, synthesizer, effects

Former members:
Guy Cave - spoken word (1996)
Andrew Thrower - bass (1996-1999)
Keith Shotton - drums (1996-1997)
Richard Formby - sitar, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, lap steel guitar, piano, bouzouki, harmonium, sitar, electric organ, synthesizer, autoharp, oud, banjo, electronics, effects (1997-2000)
Elliot Reuben - drums (1997-1998)
Colin Dunkley - piano, cello (1998-2012, session in 1996)
John Shepard - drums (1998-2002, 2012) , Pinterest , X , Bandcamp , , Soundcloud
Members:Andrew Thrower, Andy Pyne, Chris Hooson, Colin Dunkley, David Buxton, Elliot Reuben, Guy Cave, John Shepard, Keith Shotton, Peter Haslam, Richard Formby




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