Synapse (2)

Real Name:
Timo van Scheltinga
From the moment Timo was born he liked funny noises. He created the weirdest sounds using his mouth. At first his parents thought this was normal (keeping in mind he was only two weeks old). But it didn’t stop at the age of seven. It only got worse and their biggest fear came true: Dj mental Timo was born.

At the age of approximately eight Timo started taking drum lessons. Although he liked playing the drums a lot, he didn’t like the obligatory exercises. When he went to high school (age 12) he switched from drums to a 286 pc.

Instantly hooked on Fasttracker, Timo alias DJ Dudgeon mixed his first songs using the onboard pc-speaker. Since Ft was only 8 bit, had no effects, no automation whatsoever, he had to be very creative. Searching for samples in other mods, recording the sound of his zipper and sampling the hum of a cable that wasn’t plugged in correctly were a few ways to get that unique sound he was looking for.

Reaching the age of nineteen he felt like buying a couple of belt driven turntables and started to buy hardcore records. (Actually he felt like buying the SL-1200’s instead but he simply didn’t have the money). He really enjoyed spinning hardcore at home but also wanted to check out other styles. Especially drum ‘n bass drew his attention. After spending a lot of money on new records and practicing a lot, he got some bookings at small clubs in The Hague using the name Dj Dudgeon.

In 2001 he started a study Sound Design at the School of Arts in Utrecht (HKU).
It was there where he met Jan Kamphuis (Sei2ure) whom happened to live in The Hague as well.
Jan had a drum ‘n bass live act named Sunflower and soon Timo joined. He was responsible for the more raw none vocal tracks. After a period of time Timo and Jan decided to continue together as a hardcore live act. This was due the fact that their drum ’n bass performances had a tendency to become rougher and harsher anyway (often ending with 180 bpm hardcore madness and even faster unintended terror).

After sending a few demos they both signed a contract with Cardiac Music. Timo joined the Enzyme crew in 2004 and Synapse was a fact. In that same year he released his first track on Enzyme K7-5 called “Renoised Sine”. Nowadays Timo wants to focus on the more experimental/intelligent hardcore, but won’t neglect other styles as well.
Synapse can be booked as a DJ and as a Live-act (the live-act is, ofcourse, together with his friend Sei2ure).

Singles & EPs

Synapse (2) - Renoised Sine / Pneumatic Transmission album art Synapse (2) / Seizure* Synapse (2) / Seizure* - Renoised Sine / Pneumatic Transmission Enzyme K7 Netherlands 2004 Sell This Version
Synapse (2) - Crispy Kick / Disease album art Synapse (2) / Nosferatu Synapse (2) / Nosferatu - Crispy Kick / Disease Enzyme K7 Netherlands 2005 Sell This Version
Synapse (2) - D.M.T. / The Raebai album art Synapse (2) D.M.T. / The Raebai Enzyme K7 Netherlands 2009 Sell This Version
Synapse (2) - Vows Of Doubt album art Synapse (2) Vows Of Doubt Enzyme K7 Netherlands 2011 Sell This Version
Synapse (2) - Demoralized Spiral Of Desire album art Ruffneck* & Synapse (2) Ruffneck* & Synapse (2) - Demoralized Spiral Of Desire Enzyme K7 Netherlands 2011 Sell This Version
Synapse (2) - Incoherent Philosophy Of Ephemeral Significance album art Ruffneck* Vs Synapse (2) & Triax (4) Ruffneck* Vs Synapse (2) & Triax (4) - Incoherent Philosophy Of Ephemeral Significance Enzyme K7 Netherlands 2012 Sell This Version
Synapse (2) - Politics / Fuck album art Synapse (2) & Sei2ure Synapse (2) & Sei2ure - Politics / Fuck Tainted Audio Netherlands 2014 Sell This Version
Synapse (2) - Trapped / Ghetto Kung Fu album art Sei2ure & Synapse (2) Sei2ure & Synapse (2) - Trapped / Ghetto Kung Fu PRSPCT XTRM Netherlands 2015 Sell This Version
Synapse (2) - Inhuman EP album art Ophidian & Synapse (2) Ophidian & Synapse (2) - Inhuman EP (EP) Enzyme Records, Enzyme Records Netherlands 2017

DJ Mixes

SMPTCD03 Synapse (2) - A Nightmare Outdoor - Symp.toms Vol. 3 album art Mindustries / Synapse (2) & Sei2ure Mindustries / Synapse (2) & Sei2ure - A Nightmare Outdoor - Symp.toms Vol. 3(CD, Mixed) Symp.tom SMPTCD03 Netherlands 2007 Sell This Version
SFPodcast41 Synapse (2) - Signal Flow Podcast 41 album art Synapse (2) Signal Flow Podcast 41(File, MP3, Mixed, 192) Signal Flow SFPodcast41 US 2012


none Synapse (2) - Renoised Sine (2000 Likes VIP) album art Synapse (2) Renoised Sine (2000 Likes VIP)(File, MP3, 320) Enzyme Records none Netherlands 2013
Synapse (2) - Catastrophy / Brutal album art Synapse (2) Catastrophy / Brutal Enzyme K7 Netherlands 2014
EV 012 Synapse (2) - Tresspasser (DJ Ruffneck VIP) album art Ruffneck* & Synapse (2) Ruffneck* & Synapse (2) - Tresspasser (DJ Ruffneck VIP)(3xFile, MP3, 320) Enzyme VIP EV 012 Netherlands 2015