New York Dolls


New York City-based band formed in December 1971 and active until early 1975. Johnny Thunders (guitar) and Rick Rivets (guitar), Arthur Kane (bass), and Billy Murcia (drums) were joined by David Johansen (vocals) in the initial lineup, named Actress (3). In 1972, Sylvain Sylvain replaced Rivets and the band began to regularly play venues in Lower Manhattan, particularly at the Mercer Arts Center. The band had varying levels of success, but were never widely accepted in the US outside the New York City area, primarily due to their appearance. Thunders and Nolan left the band while on tour in Florida in early 1975, and the band soldiered on, often being billed as "The Dolls" for a few more months with fill-in musicians. The New York Dolls reunited from 2004 to 2011, with Johansen and Sylvain anchoring a fluid lineup of backing musicians.

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Aliases:Actress (3), The Junkies (5)
Members:Arthur Kane, Billy Murcia, Brian Delaney (2), Brian Koonin, David Johansen, Earl Slick, Jerry Nolan, John Anthony Genzale, Jr., Peter Jordan (2), Rick Rivets, Sami Takamäki, Steve Conte, Steven Duren, Sylvain Mizrahi, Tony Machine
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