Real Name:
aka Robert Ryda (since 2006)

✪ Started in 2000 from scratch. While gathering equipment for my early studio I have earned respect from internet audience battling in emcee battles online (on nationwide-known resource ""). During about 2002-2006 I was known by the name of "Ghostrida", this is when I opened my own rap-battle resource "RapWar", which was actively promoting online emcee battles to raise the skills of the active users and to create a broader rap community in Russia. As the studio expanded the hardware and professionalism also came with expirience. At that point I could independently create tracks and production for any purpose and almost of any difficulty level. My musical arsenal now included a large number of recordings done for various artists in different genres and also the production and co-production of full albums.

✪ The team that was always around has never had a name and people used to call us something like "Rydarecordz Crew". In 2007 the team came up with the "Illuminati" name, but it was left behind; It stayed after the London boys - I1 and Yuras, as short - "Ill U" for "Ill Union". In 2008 we have once again came up with a new name for our collaboration - "MCPD" (Moscow City Playaz Department). The MCPD people were: Ryda, Ins, JahMal, D'Money, I1, Legion, Frante, Atom, Yuras and Kravz. Soon we realized we can't act as a whole team living in different countries.. with no actual leader. It was more convinient for us to act as solo artists networking with other people of the MCPD outside of the MCPD itself.

✪ During this time myself and Atom came up with the first debute video - "RapArena", which was made under the flag of "Urban Juice" project, that never really worked. The debute mixtape - Ryda & Kravz present "Mutnie Parni Mixtape" (Vol.1) was released right after on the 01 Sept 2007 and was another new step. "Lyfestylez" mixtape followed it and came out the next year and was a step above the previous release. My new obsession with dancehall/reggae music reflected in making a lot of material for "RYDD'M" mixtape. It was not yet released to the public. There also have been many side projects I worked on. You can find the entire discography by clicking here, here and here.

✪ In the beginning of 2009 myself, Atom, Vahtang and DjErik started a school in the center of Moscow. We have created a learning and training ground for the beginner musicians that was called "Newschool Records". It involved developing people's skills in emceeing, music production, djing and beatboxing. During this period I have worked close with Le Truk, Steppa Style, Lady N and many more local and foreign hiphop and reggae artists. I have been able to make an investment into upgrading the studio even further and reached the understanding of quality signal chain. Even though this has brought attention of numerous media people right over to us this hasn't kept us going long enough for personal reasons and in 2010 we had to move on, this is when I moved out with all my gear.

✪ Its been ten years since I started and by now I have made countless records for myself and others as a sound engineer and as an artist. There have been several music artists that emerged because of my effort, as a part of my influence. My personal "Rydarecordz" studio is currently up and running and I try to look after it very carefully and upgrade when necessary.

✪ Robert Ryda (myself) aka Ghostrida, Кравц, Децл aka LeTruk, Смоки Мо, D.Masta, 5 Плюх, Beatmaker Beat, Warn-A-Bro Productions, Legion, МС Молодой aka Tony P, Ligalize, Berezin, P-13, Mezza Morta, MC Check, DJ NikOne, I1 aka RAPid, InSrecords, Frante, JahMal, Steppa Style, Стакан aka Sil-A, Inferno Music, Lady N, El Toro, Black Jacket, True Jamaican Crew, Imal, DJ RT, Street Atlas Entertainment, DJ NZ, Nappy Paco aka MCP, MC Atom, Vahtang, DJ Erik, Kappa, DJ Samoa, Черно-Белые, Pete Millz aka Snake Eyez, DPR Records, Chester, Damon Dae, D'Money, Avatar Young Blaze, N'Pans, MC Navigator, No Limit aka Kreep, Струч aka Lil Kong, Beatworx Records, Flameboi, SubBox Records, Lansky, Mic EP, Rhymond Zerrgiuz, Mad-A, Method Mr. Al aka Дядя Эл, MadMax aka DJ Max Million, Dime, Rap Records, X-Star, Tricky, Garry Miller Records, Один Номер, Герберт Моралес, Animal Jazz, Karabis, DJ Sandrique, WOW-Wild Band, Александр Legend, Влад Тюрин, Irene Nelson, Ara Martirosyan, Сергей Маркин, Kathy Soul, Наталья Поволоцкая, Александр Панайотов, Eva Goldberg, Таир Мамедов, ST, Bess, Кнара, Теона Дольникова, Piramida Music, IN3GA, MCPD, Danny Rite, Skarra Mucci, Otomix, Estera, Гарри Топор, Double G, Gruff, BabySmokez, Slow Flow, Ivory Soulja, One Shot Game, Siel, Bongo Dilla and more..

✪ I am always open for networking with interesting new people and professionals!


Ghostrida Discography Tracks


D 3001 Various 2 На 2 Various - Русский Hip-Hop № 2(CD, Comp) ООО "Неотстой Продакшн", RONEeS (2), Звук (2) D 3001 Russia 2003 Sell This Version
Various Спаси и Сохрани Various - Hip-Hop На Халяву (Comp) S3T Production Russia 2004 Sell This Version
S3T 003-05, D 3254 Various Видимость Потока and 1 more… Various - Звёзды Хип-Хопа Часть 3(CD, Comp) S3T Production, Звук S3T 003-05, D 3254 Russia 2004 Sell This Version
Various Единство Various - Hip-Hop Power #6 (Comp) Студия "Союз", DO***** Recordz Russia 2005 Sell This Version
CD05120003 Various Battlehype (as Гоустрайда) Various - Rap-Style Vol.2(CD, Comp, Enh) Riton CD05120003 Russia 2005 Sell This Version
none Various Единство Various - Хип-Хоп Картина(CD, Comp) t-Killah Records, Intersound (3) none Russia 2005 Sell This Version
MT-120 Various Battlehype Various - Mekka: Андеграунд Рэп(CD, Comp) Mediatone MT-120 Russia 2006 Sell This Version

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