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Cult act with temporarily strong influence on Techno in the 2nd half of the 80's, 2 times quotation in the US Billboard Charts, publications throughout Europe and partially beyond, also on compilations, 3 LPs and numerous singles.

Originally Moskwa TV was intended as an entirely instrumental project by its initiators Andreas Tomalla as (Talla 2XLC), Alexander Henninger (Dynaton Studio), Ralf Henrich and Kurt Ader. In light of their success in the beginning and in order to reach a bigger audience, they started looking for a characteristic voice in spring '85. Through a recommendation of CBS (today Sony) the collaboration with Ion Javelin began. Shortly after their joined venture they landed a permanent European Independent Hit: "Generator 7/8". Its lyrics dealt with the MCA (Maximum Credible Accident) at a nuclear power station/plant. Not even 3/4 of a year after its publication this Techno-Pop-Classic achieved sad actuality through Chernobyl.

Ralf Henrich and Kurt Ader left, probably due to differences in opinion with Talla 2XLC, after the first LP "Dynamics & Discipline".
"Blue Planet", the second album, was already much more song orientated than its predecessor. Since Talla 2XLC felt that Javelin's influence was little by little becoming too dominant he left at the end of 1987 without further ado. He had already tried to be replaced by Ion Javelin in 1986, inspite of their surprisingly successful collaboration, but had changed his mind in the end.

Due to considerable differences with the management of their label "Westside Music", Alexander Henninger also left Moskwa TV. That same year Javelin's collaboration with Volker Barber (former keyboardist of the "Hired Help Band" and "Tokyo", meanwhile owner of the "Fast Forward Music" Studio) started. As a result Moskwa TV's orientation towards Electro Pop (Information Society, Heaven 17) became even stronger with their 3rd album "Javelin". Ion Javelin's voice finally moved into the centre, and purely instrumental tracks didn't appear any more which is a strong contrast to the beginnings of Moskwa TV.

Members:Alexander Henninger, Andreas Tomalla, Jan Veil, Kurt Ader, Ralf Henrich
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