Didier Letiexhe and Sanne Decorte, aka Mastafingaz and Scape came together when they were about 14 years old. With a great interest in hip hop they formed a group by the name 'apostrophe' which included a 3rd member. As members in this earlier group Scape was a producer followed by Mastafingaz as a DJ.

As teenagers with a lot of enthusiasm to make music to infiltrate the Belgium music industry they went through many challenges which led them to replace members occasionally. 2000WAT was once again formed under a label known as 'Eigen Makelij'. This later group they formed pioneered the Belgium hip hop culture at that time.

Everything changed when Scape met DJ Mystique (2) in 2008, a very popular figure in the house music industry. Together they produced singles such as 'Busy like that' and 'Miami is not Ibiza' which changed the duo's musical taste forever. Beatgrinders was born.

Beatgrinders appeared to be the ideal concept for a new and improved genre for the youth. The duo's combination enhanced their creativity which gave birth to their unique sound, a mix of electro/house and fidget. With the help of a prominent musical giant by the name of Serge Ramaekers, their production was certified to be industry standard.

With their music and mind right Beatgrinders felt it was time for exposure and participated with STUBRU switch producers contest which boosted their popularity. A 3rd position was secured with their single 'Primetime'. Narco (5), a well talented rapper from London, made sure to contribute to this achievement with his playful and lively vocals on the single.

At this point Beatgrinders have set foot in the industry and gained enough exposure to be noticed by Poppunt, an organisation that will secure further promotion on the duo's work and shows throughout Flanders (Belgium). An article was published about Beatgrinders during the summer edition.

Beatgrinders continue to appear in Petrol, Illcity and as residence DJ's at Club Publik after obliterating the stages at Belgium's major festivals such Summerfestival, Cityparade and Laundryday.

With all the experience they've accumulated there is no doubt we will continue to see and hear more from these incredible young Belgian talents.


Beatgrinders Discography


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