Bandits Of The Acoustic Revolution

Musical collective including influences from ska, punk, classical, and eastern European music, entirely in an acoustic format.
Formed by former Catch Twenty-Two members Tomas Kalnoky, James Egan and Josh Ansley (all three after leaving the band in 1998-1999), and former One Cool Guy members Dan Ross (2), Jim Conti and Paul Lowndes joined by Tomas' brother Achilles and several of Achilles' orchestra friends.
After releasing their first album, Tomas Kalnoky focused on his main project, Streetlight Manifesto, followed by several of the artists from BOTAR.
James Egan also went on to play trumpet/trombone in SM, from 2002 to 2005.
Josh Ansley went on to play bass in SM from 2002 to 2004.

Members (past & present):
Tomas Kalnoky (guitar, vocals, songwriter)
Jamie Egan (trombone)
Nick Afflitto (trumpet)
Marcy Ciuffreda (cello)
Rachel Goldstein (viola, vocals)
Matt Dannenberg (vocals)
Layton Hayes (piano)
John Paul Jones (trumpet)
Achilles Kalnoky (violin)
Paul Lowndes (drums)
Chris Paszik (double bass)
Mark Rendeiro (horn)
Dan Ross (baritone saxophone, alto saxophone)
Pete Sibilia (tenor saxophone)
Shane Thompson (congas, timbales)
Natalia Ushak (vocals)