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Scottish pop band formed in Glasgow (UK) on 1st April, 1970. Popular in the early 70s were originally named Part Four, 1967; then the name was changed to Los Caracas (2). In the wake of so-called British Invasion seeking in Italy they are discovered by Mario & Giosy Capuano and produced by Giacomo Tosti. 1st 7inch Chirpy Chirpy Cheep Cheep gets a lot of success in Italy, and is a UK number one in 1971. Tweedle Dee Tweedle Dum and Soley Soley are also top ten hits in the UK later that year. Lyrics by Lally Stott, former lead singer of Motowns and by Giuseppe Cassia. The band tooks part in Sanremo Festival 1974 with Sole Giallo written by Pino Donaggio (Italy on the b side by La Bionda). , Wikipedia , Wikipedia , , Facebook , YouTube
Aliases:Los Caracas (2)
Members:Allan Hendry, Eric McCredie, Ian McCredie, Jacek Jan Komiago, Jim Keilt, Ken Andrew, Linda Carroll, Lorna Bannon, Lorraine Fehlberg, Neil Henderson (2), P. Cummins, Phil Anderson (2), Sally Carr, Shug Devlin, Stephan Ebn, Stewart McEwan, Stuart McCredie
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