Emilio Santiago

Emilio Santiago

Real Name:
Emílio Vitalino Santiago
Vitalino Emilio Santiago, better known as Emilio Santiago (Rio de Janeiro, December 6, 1946 - † Rio de Janeiro, March 20, 2013) was a Brazilian singer.

Attending law school in the 1970s, began to sing in college festivals in the same decade and participated in a talent show, reaching a final program Flávio Cavalcanti, the defunct TV Tupi and the orchestra worked as a crooner Ed Lincoln, and many performances in clubs and concert halls at night. In 1973 the first single released, with songs of love and Transa de Amor and Saravá Nega, which caused major interests in radio and television programs.

The first LP was released by IDC in 1975, with songs dedicated forgotten composers such as Ivan Lins, João Donato, Jorge Ben, Nelson Cavaquinho, Guilherme de Brito, Marcos and Paulo Sergio Valle, among others. Moved the following year for Philips / Polygram, remaining on the seal until 1984, by which released ten albums - all with little effect. Was chosen as the best performer at the Festival of Festivals, TV Globo in 1985 with the song Elis Elis.

Success came in 1988 actually, when they released the LP Aquarela Brasileira by Som Livre, a special project of seven volumes devoted exclusively to the repertoire of Brazilian music, all topped four thousand copies sold. At this time, has also launched other special projects, as a tribute to singer Dick Farney (Perdido de Amor, 1995) or by rewriting classic Hispanic bolero (Dias de Luna, 1996).

He signed with Sony Music in 2000. The disc marks the debut of the new label is Bossa Nova, which brought many classics of the genre and also yielded a DVD. Continued with a smile (2001), a tribute to the composer Gonzaguinha and another with João Donato in 2003.

The latest album was "O Melhor das Aquarelas Ao Vivo" wich revised the repertoire of Brazilian music that he recorded the album from "Aquarela Brasileira" (1988), between the merits and that the account is first live DVD of Emilio and second career after bossa nova.

Emilio Santiago Discography


8008 Emílio Santiago* Emílio Santiago (Album) CID 8008 Brazil 1975 Sell This Version
6349 198 Emilio Santiago Brasileiríssimas (Album) Philips 6349 198 Brazil 1976 Sell This Version
6349 348 Emílio Santiago* Comigo É Assim (Album) Philips 6349 348 Brazil 1977 Sell This Version
6349319 Emilio Santiago Feito Para Ouvir (Album) Philips 6349319 Brazil 1977 Sell This Version
6349 397 Emilio* Emilio(LP, Album) Philips 6349 397 Brazil 1978 Sell This Version
6349 425 Emilio Santiago O Canto Crescente De Emilio Santiago(LP, Album) Philips 6349 425 Brazil 1979 Sell This Version
6328 286 Emilio Santiago Guerreiro Coração(LP) Philips 6328 286 Brazil 1980 Sell This Version
6328 340 Emilio Santiago Amor De Lua(LP, Album) Philips 6328 340 Brazil 1981 Sell This Version
6328 521 Emilio Santiago Ensaios De Amor (Album) Philips 6328 521 Brazil 1982 Sell This Version
8140831, 814 083-1 Emílio Santiago* Mais Que Um Momento(LP, Album) Philips, Philips 8140831, 814 083-1 Brazil 1983 Sell This Version
824 026-1 Emilio Santiago Ta Na Hora(LP) Philips 824 026-1 Brazil 1984 Sell This Version
406.0025 Emilio Santiago Aquarela Brasileira Som Livre 406.0025 Brazil 1988 Sell This Version
407.0013 Emilio Santiago Aquarela Brasileira 2 Som Livre 407.0013 Brazil 1989 Sell This Version
406.0087 Emilio Santiago Aquarela Brasileira 3 (Album) Som Livre 406.0087 Brazil 1990 Sell This Version
400.1050 Emilio Santiago Aquarela Brasileira 4 (Album) Som Livre 400.1050 Brazil 1991 Sell This Version
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2068-1 Emílio Santiago* Perdido De Amor (Album) Som Livre 2068-1 Brazil 1995 Sell This Version
2166 2 Emilio Santiago Emilio Santiago(CD, Album) Som Livre 2166 2 Brazil 1997 Sell This Version

Singles & EPs

2171074 Emilio Santiago Sarava O Nega / Transa De Amor(7") Polydor 2171074 Brazil 1973 Sell This Version
6245 115 Emilio Santiago O Canto Crescente De Emilio Santiago(7", EP) Philips 6245 115 Brazil 1980 Sell This Version
6069 281 Emilio Santiago Pelo Amor De Deus | Flor Dos Tropicos(7") Philips 6069 281 Brazil 1982 Sell This Version
2801 058 Emilio Santiago Ensaios De Amor / Dentro De Você(7", Promo) Philips 2801 058 Brazil 1983 Sell This Version
8145747 Emilio Santiago O Amigo De Nova York / Um Homem E Uma Mulher(7") Philips 8145747 Brazil 1983 Sell This Version